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Super Bowl speculation: Which Seahawks legend would have helped this year’s team the most?

Cincinnati Bengals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

It’s Super Bowl Week, and the Seattle Seahawks aren’t in it. But at least we’re not the Cincinnati Bengals, Vegas predictions that were blown to smithereens, and that one guy had to get the ‘Hawk logo shaved on his head, so I had a great season.

A thought exercise then, while we pause from the debate of whether Patrick Mahomes will ever defeat a QB on a rookie deal in the Big Game.

This premise is straightforward: which member of either Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl roster (2013 or 2014) would have helped the team reach the Super Bowl this season? Obviously, another win or two during the regular season would have helped with seeding, and then whatever you think it would have taken to get through somebody like the Eagles, 49ers or Cowboys.

The rules are also straightforward: you get to select one player from offense, one player from defense, and you can’t have Russell Wilson.

You do not have to factor in salary cap for this exercise.


Because I am not John Gilbert.

You can vote for your overall favorite at the bottom or put both players you like in the comments! Here are a few to get the juices going.


Richard Sherman, because with he and Tariq Woolen, even the great Brock Purdy couldn’t have completed a pass.

Kam Chancellor, because you believe in your heart of hearts Jamal Adams going down torched this defense.

Bobby Wagner, because he clearly still crushes, and we’d get him and Jordyn Brooks back together.

K.J. Wright, because watching him play on Sundays and hearing him on the radio on Wednesdays would be awesome.

Earl Thomas, because Quandre Diggs was great but you’d like to see more tackles and interceptions hauled in.

Brandon Mebane, because the run defense was the suckiest suckfest on television this year.

Red Bryant: see Mebane, Brandon.

Cliff Avril, because one more dude on the edge never hurts.

Michael Bennett, because one more dude on the edge never hurts but you like this one more.


Marshawn Lynch, because Beastquake wins games.

Doug Baldwin, because that trio of wide receivers with how many times Geno Smith threw the ball would have been INTERESTING

Golden Tate, because the same thing I guess but you’re one of those weirdos who think he’s better than Baldwin.

Max Unger, because Austin Blythe was potentially the worst player on offense this year.

Percy Harvin, because you simply like to watch the world burn.

Have fun!


Who’s your guy?

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