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John Schneider says Seahawks have spoken with Bobby Wagner

Wagner was recently let go by the Los Angeles Rams.

NFL: OCT 07 Rams at Seahawks Photo by Christopher Mast/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s been a crazy two offseasons for the Seattle Seahawks. Now, with a newly-signed quarterback and draft picks aplenty, John Schneider has to remain focused on the beginning of free agency.

And quite a few former stars are suddenly available. Frank Clark and Shaquill Griffin are free agents, as well as the Last Legend himself, linebacker Bobby Wagner.

It’s Wagner who came up on Seattle Sports radio this week, and Schneider indicated the two have spoken.

What that means exactly is...well, who knows. Bob Condotta indicated the obvious takeaway that this is primarily quite interesting, and then could ultimately lead to nothing.

It does, however, feel different than a year ago when the team released Wagner to begin with, we hadn’t really heard much on that front at all, and his cap hit was significant at that point.

The advantage Seattle has is familiarity across many fronts, as the team may see how the remainder of free agency and especially the draft go, before circling back to Wagner.

With Quandre Diggs lobbying hard for Wagner’s return, I’m not as skeptical as to what Bobby’s leadership role is or needs to be as some. I think they’d figure that out just fine and we’d never hear a word. There’s room for Wagner to be a leader, and there’s plenty of maturity in him to recognize when to let the next generation be themselves.

With the Brooks injury, it does make a bit of sense to have Bobby back here, but Seattle really has to nail some things up front before who plays linebacker makes enough difference for either side to pull the trigger. Bobby Wagner said he wanted to win (and therefore quit the Rams), and I’m sure doesn’t particularly care to meet full-speed running backs five yards deep on 90% of his snaps.

I wouldn’t expect anything immediate, but if Wagner goes through the first wave without a team giving him something ridiculous. both sides should be considering this.