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Field Gulls Podcast: The brief revival episode!

We’re not saying farewell to Geno, and we’re not saying farewell to the podcast just yet.

New York Jets v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

Remember when we said the last Field Gulls Podcast was the farewell? Turns out Vox Media extended the podcast contract by an extra month, which means we still have another episode or two to crank out, and the timing is perfect considering the big news that’s come from the Seattle Seahawks.

Geno Smith agreed to a three-year, $105 million contract that is about as team-friendly as it can possibly get. The deal is constructed in a way that it still opens the door for the Seahawks to take a quarterback in next month’s NFL Draft, and even if they don’t the contract is not a cap-killer as some may have feared.

We should note that this episode was recorded on Wednesday, before the real deep details of Smith’s contract were revealed, but it’s still worth a listen because there’s also a five-round (Seahawks picks only) mock draft included!

Show description

Now that the Seahawks have locked up QB Geno Smith for the next 3-years, are they done looking at QB’s? Would they still consider taking one with the 5th pick in the upcoming NFL Draft?

Dan Viens shares his thoughts on the deal, why he believes it’s a win both for Smith and the team, and unveils a 5-round mock draft to illustrate just how it might look if the team does take a first-round quarterback.


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