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Field Gulls Podcast: What are the Seahawks’ biggest free agent needs?

Seahawks free agency is here!

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Christopher Mast/Getty Images

It’s the start of the NFL free agent frenzy, which the Seattle Seahawks usually stay away from. That means when the new league year starts on Wednesday, don’t expect huge names to be signed, and don’t be surprised if they don’t sign anyone at all for a couple of days until the second week arrives.

Seattle has taken care of some of its biggest impending free agents, extending the contracts of Geno Smith, Jason Myers, and giving Phil Haynes another one-year deal. But there are still plenty of decisions to make within the roster, as well as adding new players to the squad.

This week’s Field Gulls Podcast addresses the Seahawks’ salary cap situation and look at the free agent landscape. Have a listen below!

Show Description

Host Dayna O’Gorman and co-host Dan Viens take a look at the salary cap and where Seattle is at. Can they add more space easily or do they need to be frugal? Plus, free agents from both last year’s Seahawks team and the rest of the league. Who should Seattle be interested in bringing in for the 2023 season?


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