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Details of the Dre’Mont Jones contract

A look at the cap hits for the Seahawks with their new defensive lineman.

Los Angeles Rams v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Monday the legal tampering period kicked off, with fans across the league excited for their team to add big names to the roster in order to improve the on field performance of the team. For the Seattle Seahawks the first wave of free agency has been a time to remain in the shadows for much of the past decade, but it appears as though the winds of change are blowing at the VMAC and for the second straight year the team has added a front seven defender early in free agency.

In 2022 they signed Uchenna Nwosu away from the Los Angeles Chargers, and then on Monday the Hawks made a big splash adding Dre’Mont Jones from the Denver Broncos. The three-year, $51M contract might be the largest contract ever handed to an outside free agent for the franchise.

In any case, here are the terms of the deal, with some specifics having been reported:

(Note: Per Jason Fitzgerald of, the total guarantee is $30M, not $40M. The post has been updated to reflect this.)

Translating what that means for the three-year, $51M deal is the following:

  • $20M signing bonus -> $6.666M recognized against the cap in each of 2023-2025
  • 2023 base salary: $3M (fully guaranteed at signing)
  • 2024 base salary: $11M ($7M injury guaranteed at signing, vests to fully guaranteed on the Friday after the Super Bowl)
  • 2025 base salary: $16M
  • Per game roster bonuses of $30k per year, up to $510k per season

Based on all of that, the cap hits for the contract should look something like:

  • 2023: $10.056M
  • 2024: $18.176M
  • 2025: $23.177M

Those may not be entirely precise, but should be close enough for the purposes of an online discussion.