Breaking Seahawks Combine meeting with J. Carter

Yeah, that title is supposed to get your attention as it seems fan posts is where ideas go to die on FG. Last night for some reason I couldn't sleep and I came up with the most twisted theory to what is happening with Jalen Carter and my imagination started to run wild.

Here is the scene. In a conference room at the combine the Seahawks brain trust is gathered and talking about the great interview they just had with Anthony Richardson and predicting he is going to light up the combine later in the week. A young intern enters the room and say to John, Pete and the rest of the staff that Jalen Carter has just showed up for their 11 am interview. John looks at Pete and says " Follow me on this I got an idea." Pete nods as Jalen walks in a sits down.

John: Hey Jalen! How's it going?

Carter: I'm doing ok but this media circus about me is pretty stressful.

John: Yeah, you better get used to it, or you won't last in this league. Focus on what you need to do to move on and accept the things you just can't change.

Carter: Yes sir.

John: you like to win don't you?

Carter: Yeah I sure do, that's why I went to Georgia to play ball

John: It looks like with this accident you are going to drop in the draft because teams see this kind of behavior as a huge red flag. You understand that right?

Carter: Yeah, that is why I left the scene of the crash. I called my coach and he told me to go back and talk to the police. I'm sorry, I panicked

John: Ok, ok. Listen I have an idea here. We suspect you are going to still be on the board when our pick comes up at five. You want to play for us?

Carter: Yeah man! You guys are the only winning team in the top five and I want to win.

John: You are certainly good enough on the field to take you at five so here is what we want you to do. Don't talk to the media, go back to Georgia and talk to the cops, and when your pro day comes don't bother doing a whole lot. We want you to look like you are not prepared for your pro day. We basically want to make sure the other 4 teams above us don't want to pick you because you are exactly what our defense needs. You bomb the pro day and you will go to the only winning team in the top 10. You said you like to win right?

Carter: that seems risky

John: Listen man, your agent sucks. They should be doing some kind of damage control for you at this point and they have left you dangling out there all by yourself. We would love to have you and you would be going to a winning team with a coach who has won a Super Bowl that knows how to build good defenses. If you want that type of team coming in the league this is what you need to do so you are still on the board at 5.

Carter: Ok, I'll bomb the pro day so you can get me at 5 cause I don't want to go to Arizona and their rebuild with a new coach.

While I know this never happened what if it did? What if Jalen and John have a plan to get him on our team? Never mind any legal ramifications this could cause. This explains why he started cramping at his pro day. I just read that Carter has been charged with two misdemeanors today (Thursday) with a $1000.00 fine and some community service. There is no charge for drinking and driving. From CNN

"Carter entered pleas of no contest Thursday to charges of racing and reckless driving, Carter entered pleas of no contest Thursday to charges of racing and reckless driving"