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NFLPA Team Report Card: Seahawks get high marks for locker room, dinged for no first class seats

The grades are in, and the Seahawks are just outside the top-10.

NFL: OCT 31 Jaguars at Seahawks Photo by Jeff Halstead/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Did you know the NFLPA was doing report cards on every team? There wasn’t an exam to study for and no textbooks to buy, these were surveys sent out to players on 2022 team rosters across the NFL, and the “report card” grading is based off of player responses to treatment of family, quality of the locker room, travel, dining services, and plenty more. This is the first time the league has done this, so expect the surveys to be a regular feature moving forward.

Here’s an explainer from the NFLPA:

In connection with that goal, questions were sent to every player on the 2022 team rosters asking them their opinions about their Club’s facilities, certain Club personnel/coaches, and other work-related categories, such as Club’s treatment of families and team travel (players were not asked questions about any Club other than their 2022 employer). As a result of the confidential questionnaire, 1,300 players responded. There then was a qualitative follow up by the union, which resulted in the following “report card.”

The questions called for both quantitative and qualitative answers; for example: “Grade your weight room with 1 reflecting best rating, 5 reflecting lowest rating” and “What would you change about your weight room?” The numerical ratings for each sub-category of questions were tallied and averaged. The questionnaire also sought to elicit the opinion of players on some issues that have a direct impact on the quality of life for NFL players. These qualitative responses, which are inherently subjective, were reviewed and evaluated by the union and then factored into providing an overall rating that was intended to reflect player opinions.

The Seattle Seahawks came in at 11th overall out of the 32 teams, with the highest marks coming for the weight room, the strength coaches (it seems most teams had glowing opinions of their strength coaches, hence the Seahawks had an A- grade but tied for 17th), and Seattle was numero uno in grading their own locker room space.

Here’s the overview:

The Seattle Seahawks ranked 11th in the team guide. The club scored well in most of the areas reviewed with the most positive feedback resulting from a nice facility with plenty of space. The Seahawks have a very nice locker room, a good weight room and earned positive reviews on their cafeteria.

There are just two areas where player respondents believe that they lag compared with most of the league: staffing their training room and team travel. In short, there is a desire to have more staff support player training and recovery, and also improve on making travel more comfortable for players, as they are one of only seven teams that do not offer players first class flights – the only exception being after road victories.

With the facility scoring well, it is no surprise that 93% of players believe Seahawks ownership is willing to invest money in upgrading the facilities.

Where some improvement could be made? Travel. Seahawks players gave their team an aggregate C grade, and the big deal is the lack of first class seating on flights.

No roommates

No first class seats (only after some road victories)

One of only 7 teams that do not offer first-class seats to players

Seahawks almost always rank high in miles traveled for games during the season

The last bullet can be tied to the first class seats complaint, because simple geography makes Seattle’s distance traveled the longest in the league every single year.

A ranking this good feels like grounds for Seattle to be an attractive free agent destination, if you ask me! Most of the responses were positive, unlike say, the Arizona Cardinals. Did you know they don’t offer a family room or a daycare? And then the food quality and service is apparently a complete disaster... plus the players pay for it!

If players would like dinner, it will be boxed up for them, but players reported that the team will charge you via payroll deduction. This is apparently the only Club that does this.

Players reported that if you work out at the facility after the season is over, the team charges you for every meal eaten at the facility (again, apparently the only team in the league that does this).

Have a look at the full list in this link.