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Seahawks with only one glaring head-scratcher this offseason

The defensive line has undergone a major overhaul.

New York Giants v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks broke protocol this year when they signed Dre’Mont Jones immediately to open free agency.

A proven player at a position of need at age 26 for multiple years - what has John Schneider gotten into??

Since then, however, the area of greatest weakness for the Seahawks has not remained the same, in fact it’s gotten a bit worse.

Besides adding Jarran Reed, Seattle has chosen to part ways with Al Woods, Shelby Harris, Quinton Jefferson, and presumably Poona Ford.

Were they collectively good last year?

Besides Al Woods, no.

Do the Seahawks have replacement answers yet?

Again, no.

It’s really something that Schneider managed to charm us all in the first 48 hours of free agency, only to essentially leave fans where they often are in March - wondering what the plan is.

Jones is an above-average player and an adept pass rusher. But he doesn’t play nose tackle, he doesn’t master in stopping the run. This team cannot survive another year of being serviceable or better in several aspects of football if they’re going to get gashed to pieces by teams that didn’t even bother running the ball before facing the Seahawks (see Tampa Bay, Los Angeles Rams).

Now, as free agency has slowed to a crawl, and Seattle continues to bleed linemen, and Jalen Carter has the question marks that he has at the top of the draft, it’s more nervous watching and wondering for the 12s.

And truly, this is the spot with the most uncertainty. Even linebacker doesn’t hold the same weight, because there’s still all the momentum and history with Bobby Wagner. There’s still the ability to draft one linebacker and at least have a room, shaky as it is, with the obvious return of Jordyn Brooks on the horizon. Defensive tackle needs at least two more guys. We counting on a Myles Adams breakout?

In large part this offseason has been an overwhelming success. The Geno Smith contract is an A+ of A plusses. Jones, Julian Love, Evan Brown, Drew Lock’s deal, all good things.

It’s just this area, making me go “not again.” Hoping there’s something soon, or that Al Woods signs a new deal tomorrow and makes all this go away.