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L.J. Collier’s agent has an interesting opinion about Seahawks staff

Collier signed a one-year deal with the Arizona Cardinals.

Carolina Panthers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

L.J. Collier signed with the Arizona Cardinals as yet another quiet first-round departure for the Seattle Seahawks. I’m not the one who wanted to remind you he was a first-rounder, Adam Schefter was. Or at least, Collier’s agent was.

Speaking of his agent, Scott Casterline had some choice words about Collier’s departure and apparently finding a far superior fit in his next team.

“Right team, right coaching staff and right scheme” is quite rich in regards to the 29th overall draft pick with a 4-year average of 10 tackles per season, and several healthy scratches throughout his tenure in Seattle.

People weren’t enthralled by the draft pick at the time, but it’s not Clint Hurtt or even Ken Norton Jr’s fault he did this:

Best of luck to Collier in Arizona, that renowned, proven empire of talent development and culture building.

The Seahawks declined Collier’s fifth-year option and the terms of his contract with the Cardinals are not yet released.

Meanwhile, Collier expressed gratitude as far as his time with the Seahawks.