The first full pseudo 2023 Seahawks Mock Draft

Photo by Matthew Visinsky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

(Editor's note: Promoted from the fanposts section. STUFR does these Seattle Seahawks mock drafts every year and very often he ends up being right!)

Draft season is finally really here. I have tried to be patient and let the NFL combine and start of free agency run their course, so that we could hit this time with a little more clarity.



I don't know where the Seattle Seahawks will end up picking, but there is a good chance we will pick early and late in the 1st and 2nd and then some time in each of the next few rounds, so that is what we will look at, regardless of where we think we will end up trade wise.

We don't know where anyone will be drafted, so don't @ me with an argument about someone won't be available when, that is completely beside the point. I use NFL mock draft database, to get a sense of where we think guys will be, but looking at guys is more important, for this exercise.

I am not a scout, nor do I pretend to be. I will give my thought process on drafting a guy, but will link and copy to other scouts and give you what they think of him, which is probably much higher quality than what you would get from me.

You will notice that I don't grab a QB at the top of the draft. This is also a test of reading for content, do you read these sentences or not. There are a million sources that will help you look at the QBs, Will Anderson or Jalen Carter. Picking each of them over these next few weeks would not be interesting or addative to the narrative. My goal is to find guys that I think Pete Carroll and John Schneider will like and consider. This isn't what I want or what I think, that isn't the point. The point is to get a look at multiple different players that could be on the teams board.

For our first pseudo mock draft...


Round 1 DE Tyree Wilson - Texas Tech

Round 1 LB Trenton Simpson - Clemson

Round 2 NT Mazi Smith - Michigan

Round 2 OG/C Steve Avila - TCU

Round 3 CB Julius Brents - Kansas State

Round 4 RB Roschon Johnson - Texas

Round 5 WR Jonathan Mingo - Ole Miss

Round 6 DT Jarrod Clark - Coastal Carolina

Round 7 OG Henry Bainivelu - Washington


Pick-by-pick Breakdown

Seahawks at pick Round 1 DE Tyree Wilson

Measurements: 6'-6" 271, 35 5/8" arms

Bench Press-25

Don't over think this. Tyree has the potential to be a dominant 3-4 DE. He is a force in the passing game and in the least, he can pass rush well enough to draw attention away from our OLBs flying from the outside. Long-limbed defender who figures to turn into a full-blown nightmare for opponents if he continues to grow into both his frame and his game. Wilson’s combination of traits and athleticism should yield flashes of dominant play in both phases as he continues to get bigger and stronger. His length and lateral quickness are ingredients for chaos as a back-side run game disruptor. He’s capable of ranging and tackling from distance if the run flows wide.

The Draft Network Overall, Wilson is a prospect that possesses high-level physical traits that should allow him to make an immediate impact as a run defender. In the right positional alignment, he can also be a good pass-rusher, which could make him a complete defensive lineman at the next level.


Seahawks select at Round 1 LB Trenton Simpson

Measurements: 6-2 235

40 Yard Dash-4.43

Bench Press-25

He is a LB/Safety hybrid that can dominate with speed and big hitting ability. I think the team is moving towards only one or two LBs on the field and more hybrid guys like this that can fly around and cover the whole middle of the field. He’s a premium athlete capable of squeezing routes from zone and attacking the pocket as a blitzer. Simpson isn’t quite game-ready yet, but players with his traits and range eventually find the field.

The Draft Network His ability to fulfill a role as a pressure player in multiple front defenses will be because of his explosiveness and length; both are blue-chip qualities that pair to make him a huge influence as a rusher. Add in his work as an apex and overhang defender in zone coverages outside the hash and you have yourself a player with plenty of pathways to contribute to your defense.


Seahawks at pick Round 2 NT Mazi Smith

Measurements: 6-3 323, 33 3/4" arms

Bench Press-34

A 2 down run stopper in the middle to start his career, with the potential to develop into a 3 down force in the middle. He has space-eating potential but needs to become more consistent at taking on double teams and securing his gap. Smith’s size and testing could give his draft slotting some juice but he’s more of a Day 2 talent with exciting upside than a plug-and-play starter.

The Draft Network Smith has a two-down appeal right now as an NFL prospect. His value as a run defender is high. If defenses continue to run the two-high safety sets next season, he will be valued well. He does not offer high-end passing-down value. There is some ability to impact quarterbacks with interior pressure but he will need to play quicker and more refined technically.


Seahawks at pick Round 2 OG/C Steve Avila

Measurements: 6-3 1/2", 332, 33" arms

40 Yard Dash-5.21

Vertical Jump-29.5"

Broad Jump-8' 2"



Bench Press-28

A big powerful RG who can also play C. If you want to get back to nasty running up the middle and a stump that will stop guys like Donald, this is the guy. Three-year starter who offers versatility, power and athleticism. Playing at a lighter weight should not be a problem if teams want that from him. His girth makes him resistant to opposing power, and he’s light enough on his feet for pass protection duties and run blocks that extend beyond the box.

The Draft Network Overall, Avila is an interior offensive lineman with a lot of playing experience that appears to be best served in a gap scheme.


Seahawks pick at Round 3 CB Julius Brents

Measurements: 6' 3", 198, 34" arms

40 Yard Dash-4.53

Vertical Jump-41.5"

Broad Jump-11' 6"



A big powerful CB, that is already elite against the run. Also, his short area quickness numbers are elite. Combine those with his height and arm length and I can see him being a weapon you move around, especially in the slot against bigger WRs and TEs, who can help clean up the run. Brents is a classic zone cover corner with an outstanding blend of size, length and leaping ability. He has the disruptive traits to reroute the release and the dog in him to handle his business in run support. He can play some press-man on a vertical plane but lacks the top-end speed and pattern matching to play in that scheme full-time.

The Draft Network On the field, Brents utilizes his size and length to be a productive player against the run. Brents is a physical corner that is a high-level defender against the run. Brents does a good job of shedding receivers to free himself to make a tackle on the ball carrier.


Seahawks select at Round 4 RB Roschon Johnson

Measurements: 6-0 219

40 Yard Dash-4.58

Vertical Jump-31.5"

Broad Jump-10'2"

As Danny Kelly pointed out on the twitters, this is Chris Carson part 2. I would get used to them drafting him, because I think they will fall in love with his power and versatility. Power back with bruising frame who fits the football cliche of "tough, smart and dependable.

The Draft Network Overall, Johnson has the size, athleticism, and instincts you want in a potential lead back and I expect him to contribute to his future NFL team very early in his career.


Seahawks select at Round 5 WR Jonathan Mingo

Measurements: 6-2, 220, 32 1/8" arms

40 Yard Dash-4.46


Broad Jump-10' 9"

Bench Press-22

This is the big, strong, over the middle slot WR that we don't have right now. He is also a successful and effective run blocker and Pete will love that part of him. Big, strong slot receiver possessing the mental and physical toughness to outperform his speed limitations.

The Draft Network Overall, Mingo’s run-after-the-catch ability and dense frame make him an intriguing wide receiver prospect. In the right offense that uses quick screens and jet motions for their receivers, Mingo has the ability to be a highly productive player on the next level.


Seahawks select at Round 6 DT Jarrod Clark

Measurements: 6-4, 334, 33 3/4" arms

40 Yard Dash-5.25


Broad Jump-8' 6"



Early on, he is probably just a pass rushing DT to start with, but the potential is there that he becomes a very disruptive NT. Clark is a former high school tight end with decent feet, so improved quickness could help him become a more disruptive interior talent.

The Draft Network In all, Clark is an enticing defensive tackle prospect. His ability to clog running lanes between the tackles and slice/slant through zone reach blocks. Clark can be a nice asset to teams that love twists and stunts on the defensive line. He would assume the role as the penetration defender to free up his looping teammate. There is meat left on the bone in terms of his development. Clark is not the most technically sound prospect, especially with his hands. Improving on this will help shorten his rush process to pressure opposing quarterbacks. He projects as a 3-4 nose tackle on early downs but there is upside on third downs.


Seahawks select at Round 7 OG Henry Bainivelu

Measurements: 6-6, 306, 34" arms

40 Yard Dash-5.5


Broad Jump-8' 5"



His floor is an acceptable replacement level OG, but the potential is there for him to develop into a solid starting OG. Guard-only prospect with NFL-caliber measurables but enough inconsistencies to cause concern. Bainivalu’s power is good enough and he’s fairly adept at using his length, but athletic limitations make it difficult for him to recover and block if it isn’t right in front of him. He’s assignment-oriented and plays with adequate technique but could be a long-shot to make a roster.

The Draft Network Bainivalu has the makings of a starting guard in a zone rushing scheme if he gets stronger and improves his technique.