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Report: Pete Carroll, John Schneider headed to Alabama, Kentucky Pro Days this week

Are Pete and John on a QB scouting tour?

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Chicago Bears v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

After stopping by Ohio State and photo-bombing a selfie with C.J. Stroud, Pete Carroll and John Schneider have a couple more destinations on their agenda this week. With the draft rapidly approaching, it is looking increasingly likely that at least three — and possibly four — QBs will be selected within the first five picks. Considering the stops that the Seahawks staff are making this week, they still might be hoping that a passer will be in play with the fifth overall selection. According to Bob Condotta, Pete Carroll and John Schneider will be attending the Pro Days of two more schools that featured a couple of the top quarterbacks in this year’s class.

Also worthy of note, Will Anderson Jr. will also be working out today, and he is increasingly getting touted as the number one overall prospect in the draft. In addition to Anderson, the Alabama Crimson Tide featured a number of other prospects who are expected to make the leap to the pros. The Athletic lists 10 players from ‘Bama on their consensus top 100. This list includes safety Brian Branch (#18 on the big board), running back Jahmyr Gibbs (#20), linebacker Drew Sanders (#42), and safety Jordan Battle (#61), among others. The Kentucky Wildcats are expected to be a bit lighter on top-end talent, with only Will Levis cracking the top 100. The Athletic has him listed at 19th — sandwiched in between Branch and Gibbs, as listed above.

Of course, attending Pro Days does not always equate directly to who the team will ultimately end up selecting in the draft. There could be a number of reasons to attend, and the Seahawks may find themselves in the enviable position of being a lucrative trade candidate, should one of the top prospects still be available when they are on the clock. Either way, Pete and John are doing their due diligence as they do every year. There are still a handful of Pro Days left on the calendar, so the Seahawks staff likely have a few more stops to make in the coming weeks.