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DJ Fluker turning heads at Alabama Pro Day, with Seahawks in attendance

Pete and John were able to lay eyes on their transformed former guard.

Miami Dolphins Off-Season Workout Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Bryce Young threw the ball far, but possibly the second biggest story out of the Alabama Pro Day was the sideshow of a rather enormous DJ Fluker.

Fluker - an NFL-caliber right guard - played for the Seattle Seahawks for two seasons, in 2018 and ‘19. He played fine those years, starting 14 games in 2019, a year in which he allowed a half a sack.

After missing the entire 2021 and 2022 seasons, Fluker has been posting his own progress on social media, and then made a surprise appearance at his Alma Matter’s private workout in front of the Seahawks front office, among others.

And those others took notice.

Before the 2021 season started, the Miami Dolphins released Fluker with an injury settlement following a procedure done on his knee. He was unable to sign with another team or return for the two following seasons.

Fluker - who has several seasons worth of NFL experience at right guard (including 2 in Seattle), is currently available as a free agent. He turned 32 years old last week. I am simply saying that were a team with plenty of momentum and a possible hole at...right guard able to observe DJ Fluker in person, that could go a long way to persuading them to make a follow-up phone call.