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NFL approves a second ‘Thursday Night Football’ game, and players aren’t happy about it

Not exactly a popular decision among NFL players.

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The NFL has a habit of making questionable decisions. In fairness, they have a habit of making decisions so inane they make questionable ones look genius.

And, well, they’re at it again.

‘Thursday Night Football’, a thing which nicely breaks up the football week but is massively unpopular among players, is not going anywhere.

At the recent owners meeting, the ability to wear number 0 was approved. Additionally, a team could be scheduled for two Thursday night games in a season, as opposed to the previous hard limit of one. Some exceptions were given for teams who had, say, a Week 1 traditional kickoff game on Thursday, or had played the previous Thursday on Thanksgiving night. Under these circumstances, multiple short weeks could be in play, and players from around the league have sounded off.

Obviously no schedules have been finalized yet, but the Seattle Seahawks have a complicated history with TNF. On the one hand, they’re 11-7 all time on Thursdays.

On the other, they’ve lost the previous two Thursday games, not to mention a slew of significant and even career-ending injuries that have taken place on short rest. Richard Sherman is one who had his tenure with the Seahawks end with an Achilles injury in 2017, and then blasted the NFL for holding the Thursday games.

It will be fascinating to see how the NFL decides who gets the short straw if this becomes officially official.