2023 seven-round Seahawks pseudo mock draft - Part two

So, the Seattle Seahawks are at a weird spot at No. 5. Once you have thought through the QBs, Will Anderson and taken Jalen Carter off the board, there really aren't many guys left that I think the team will want to spend a pick that high on. So for our first first round pick, let's start looking at guys they could grab if they trade back a little bit. Some may ask why I am not looking at WR up there and its because I (and the team seems to be lined up with me) don't think the value is good at drafting a WR that high in the 1st.


To summarize: In a receiver’s rookie year, those drafted in the first round on average outperform those drafted in the second round. However, once receivers are several years into their careers, the differences between the groups nearly converge. By this point, the first-rounders are nearly evenly split into groups that, on average, outperform second-rounders and those that do not. However, there is slight speculative evidence that suggests waiting to draft a receiver in the second round is safer than selecting a specific type of receiver in the first.

So, for awhile here, I am more concentrating on the 2ndish round WR talent.



I don't know where we will end up picking, but there is a good chance we will pick early and late in the 1st and 2nd and then some time in each of the next few rounds, so that is what we will look at, regardless of where we think we will end up trade wise.

We don't know where anyone will be drafted, so don't @ me with an argument about someone won't be available when, that is completely beside the point. I use NFL mock draft database, to get a sense of where we think guys will be, but looking at guys is more important, for this exercise.

I am not a scout, nor do I pretend to be. I will give my thought process on drafting a guy, but will link and copy to other scouts and give you what they think of him, which is probably much higher quality than what you would get from me.

You will notice that I don't grab a QB at the top of the draft. This is also a test of reading for content, do you read these sentences or not. There are a million sources that will help you look at the QBs, Will Anderson or Jalen Carter. Picking each of them over these next few weeks would not be interesting or additive to the narrative. My goal is to find guys that I think PCJS will like and consider. This isn't what I want or what I think, that isn't the point. The point is to get a look at multiple different players that could be on the teams board.

For our second pseudo mock draft...


Round 1 OG Peter Skoronski - Northwestern

Round 1 DT Bryan Bresee - Clemson

Round 2 LB Drew Sanders - Arkansas

Round 2 WR Cedric Tillman - Tennassee

Round 3 S JL Skinner - Boise State

Round 4 RB Tank Bigsby - Auburn

Round 5 DT Keondre Coburn - Texas

Round 6 OT Nick Saldiveri - Old Dominion

Round 7 Edge Nick Hampton - Appalachian State


Pick-by-pick Breakdown

Seahawks at pick Round 1 OG Peter Skoronski - Northwestern

Measurements: 6'-4" 313, 32 1/4" arms

40 - 5.16"

Vert - 34.5"

Broad - 9' 7"

3-cone - 7.8"

Bench Press-30

The top rated OL prospect. He was a LT in college, but his length will limit him as a LT, so move him in to LG where he can dominate. This make you better at both G spots and sets up the OL to have 3 top starters for the next few years. Skoronski plays with a deft blend of technique, feel and power as a run blocker and is capable of thriving in any run-blocking scheme. His lack of length can be a problem against stab-and-charge bull rushers and edge speed, but a move inside would mitigate those concerns.

The Draft Network The ultimate position he falls into will vary team by team, although this is a three-year starter in the Big Ten at left tackle who has plenty of tape to indicate he can fulfill that role if a team wishes to bestow it upon him. Skoronski is among the most refined offensive linemen in the 2023 NFL Draft and should be a plug-and-play starter.


Seahawks select at Round 1 DT Bryan Bresee - Clemson

Measurements: 6-5 298

40 Yard Dash-4.86

Vert - 29"

Bench Press-22

A 3-4 DE that has the potential to step in and start from Day 1 and turn into a dominant force in the run game and pass rush. Burly but athletic interior tackle who plays with a strong desire to get past the man in front of him. Bresee rarely gets caught up in long block engagements and possesses a deep anchor to battle double teams.

The Draft Network Bresee’s natural ability is evident when you watch him on film; he’s capable of penetrating and crashing through gaps with consistency and creating chaos in offensive backfields.


Seahawks at pick Round 2 LB Drew Sanders - Arkansas

Measurements: 6-4 235, 32 1/8" arms

He can play anywhere from MIKE to OLB to WILL. Move him all over depending on the down and situation and let his freak athleticism take over. The perfect guy to bring in and have Bobby Wagner and Devin Bush help mold him into a dominant force. He plays with good technique in take-ons and has plenty of pursuit range, but he’s still finding his footing with his run fits and tackle consistency. He’s a tough out for interior protection as a blitzing linebacker and has natural rush talent to hunt quarterbacks off the edge. Sanders’ athletic gifts, versatility and toughness could help him become a highly impactful playmaker with Pro Bowl upside.

The Draft Network Successful defenses have dynamic athletes to cover the middle of the field—that’s what Sanders can be as he continues to grow in this role and becomes a more well-rounded player against the run.


Seahawks at pick Round 2 WR Cedric Tillman - Tennassee

Measurements: 6-3, 213, 32 3/4" arms

40 Yard Dash-4.54

Vertical Jump-37"

Broad Jump-10' 8"

When it comes down to it, I want a big bodied powerful WR. Tillman is big enough to win all the tough catches, block and still be able to get vertical on a D. Highly competitive wideout with an enticing blend of size, skill and toughness that fits what teams look for in an NFL starter.

The Draft Network Tillman is a big-bodied receiver that eats up significant turf with his stride length. He does well bending his route stems to set up breaks and stack corners. Tillman features exceptional body control and does an outstanding job of establishing leverage at the catch point. While he isn’t only a contested-catch guy, Tillman is unfazed when challenged at the catch point. He features outstanding ball skills and spatial awareness. His hands are strong and confident. Tillman has no issues plucking the football away from his frame with extension and hanging on through contact. He excels down the field with his blend of size, ball skills, hands, and speed. Tillman is physical and competitive with the ball in his hands and he showcases good field vision.


Seahawks pick at Round 3 S JL Skinner - Boise State

Measurements: 6' 4", 209, 32" arms

Kam Chancelor but better in coverage. If you think Love is more of a slot CB and/deep safety guy, this is the guy you bring in as the future to let you walk away from Adams at some point. Tore his pec during training, but will be ready for mini camp. I think this is the spot to grab him, but this guy just screams for PCJS to grab him in the 2nd, cause they are going to fall in love. Please watch the highlights at home, since you won't be able to keep you pants on. Interchangeable safety with above average run support talent and the versatility for multiple coverages. Skinner plays with good awareness to routes with eyes for short zone and the instincts to play over the top. He can line up over pass-catching tight ends and has the ball skills to make quarterbacks pay for off-target throws.

The Draft Network Skinner hops off the bus and garners attention off sheer size alone. He has stated that Kam Chancellor is his favorite safety of all time and he studies his game. Skinner could fill a similar robber/low-hole strong safety role in a Cover 3 defense.


Big Hit Highlights

Seahawks select at Round 4 RB Tank Bigsby - Auburn

Measurements: 6-0 210, 32" arms

40 Yard Dash-4.56

Vertical Jump-32.5"

Broad Jump-9' 11"

Bench - 21

Another Chris Carson clone, but Tank is a little more accomplished in the passing game. Just another weapon to load into the backfield. Bigsby is an upright runner with a strong, angular frame. He runs with plus burst and can create yards even when the blocking is insufficient. Bigsby runs with a nice blend of elusiveness and power, and he can quickly process movements of the defense.

The Draft Network Bigsby is a talented running back prospect. As a one-cut runner, he has the quick planting skills to work exclusively in zone schemes. That said, he has the vision, footwork, and processing skills to win as a between-the-tackles/gap scheme runner as well.


Seahawks select at Round 5 DT Keondre Coburn - Texas

Measurements: 6-2, 332, 31 1/2" arms

40 Yard Dash-5.22


Broad Jump-8' 5"

Bench Press-24

When in doubt, throw an immovable object into the middle of the DL. This guy is made to be a 3-4 NT and just clog everything up. A stout but athletic nose tackle with nimble feet, Coburn can sit down and muddy run lanes or create difficulties for pin-and-pull blocking schemes with his interior agility. While he’s not a three-down lineman, he does have the bull rush and activity level to cause issues as a rusher. He’s more than capable of pressing and separating from blocks as a two-gapping plugger but requires more consistent technique to improve his consistency in that area. Coburn’s blend of girth, power and agility could be coveted by teams looking for help along the interior.

The Draft Network Coburn profiles as an interior defensive lineman that has a quick first step that when combined with natural strength/power, allows him to occasionally make impactful plays along the defensive line in both the run game and as a pass rusher.


Seahawks select at Round 6 OT Nick Saldiveri - Old Dominion

Measurements: 6-6, 318, 33 1/4" arms

40 Yard Dash-5.21


Broad Jump-9' 3"


Bench - 24

Very athletic, solid OL prospect who can plug in and start all over the line, right away and provide solid play. Three-year starter with good overall size/length and the potential to play multiple spots along the offensive line. Saldiveri is naturally athletic and should fit best as a zone blocker or pulling guard who can get out into space and find work.

The Draft Network Overall, Saldiveri projects to be a high-floor potential starter in the NFL. While he doesn’t possess many elite traits that separate him from the pack, I believe he has all the tools to be serviceable immediately.


Seahawks select at Round 7 Edge Nick Hampton - Appalachian State

Measurements: 6-2, 236, 33 5/8" arms


Broad Jump-10' 0"

He may only ever be a designated pass rusher and special teamer, but he has shown on tape that he might be impactful in that role. Not necessarily someone you get excited about, until you are using him at the end of games for 6-9 snaps to stop comeback drives. Hampton isn’t anything special as a run defender, but his pass-rush tape really stands out. He’s an explosive, linear pass rusher featuring subtle techniques near the top of the rush that help him access the pocket.

The Draft Network Hampton is a developing sack artist with plus length and movement skills. Hampton has verified 34-inch arms and the kind of movement skills that will grab your attention on the edge. He’s bendy and pliable in cornering situations and has a pretty startling amount of juice coming around the corner through contact. Hampton blossomed as a pass rusher in 2021 after serving in that role on passing downs early in his career and put together his most complete campaign in 2022. His ability to contort his frame and twist through hand punches and stuns help him to sustain his momentum through the arc. You can easily appreciate his upside in a penetration-type role and his ability to release with twitch from a two-point stance will allow him to project favorably to an odd front defense that needs wide-angled rushers.