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Bobby Wagner’s official contract details with Seahawks

Great scenario for both parties.

NFL: OCT 01 Colts at Seahawks Photo by Christopher Mast/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Bobby Wagner did not care for a prolonged contract holdout, tense negotiations, or a mid-summer signing. Instead, it was only a couple of weeks into free agency that saw him returning home to on a one-year deal with the Seattle Seahawks.

At the time, it was announced that it would be a $7 million contract. With $1.5 million in incentives, his 2023 cap hit is going to be $5.5m.

Wagner will get $5.5 million fully guaranteed in his 12th season in the NFL, while the Seahawks get their guy to fill one of the most glaring holes in the roster a month ago. We do not yet know what the incentives are tied to.

Devin Bush has $3 million guaranteed this season, meaning John Schneider’s giving out around $8.5 million to his presumed two starting linebackers come September.

It remains remarkable how many moves Seattle has made this early in free agency - with essentially all of them being starters - with such cost-effective cap management. Makes one wonder what they were up to in other years, but they’ve been able to fit all their targets on the budget thus far.