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Seahawks to host Illinois nose tackle Calvin Avery

Seattle does need someone to play nose tackle.

NCAA Football: Chattanooga at Illinois Ron Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Seems like the Seattle Seahawks will have two defensive tackles in the building on Tuesday. The big news will be the visit from Georgia’s Jalen Carter, but also stopping by will be Illinois’ Calvin Avery.

Avery took the Covid year to play five seasons for the Fighting Illini, and has impressive numbers compared to some of the top performers at the NFL combine.

Though not in attendance, Avery’s vertical would have been fourth among all D-tackles in a attendance. 31 reps would have been second.

This doesn’t take Seattle out of the running for Carter or any other lineman, but it is a perfect Seahawks-type of fit. Most profiles have Calvin Avery as a late-round pick or an undrafted free agent.

It makes some sense for Seattle to try and back-fill what remains the barest of shelves in the defensive cupboard, regardless of whether they take Jalen Carter or anyone else earlier in the draft.