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Report: Seahawks hosting safety on top 30 visit Tuesday

UTEP v New Mexico Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

As the 2023 NFL Draft inches closer, fans of the Seattle Seahawks have worked themselves into a frenzy as they debate how the team will make use of the four picks it holds in the first two rounds. With a pair of picks on Day 1, and then three more picks slated for Day 2, the Hawks have a chance to add a significant amount of talent to the roster.

However, according to a report from Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network Tuesday morning, Seattle is set to host a defensive back who could potentially be a Day 3 addition.

For those curious about what could have piqued the interest in a defensive back from the Mountain West who is not even listed on the Big Board of many draft outlets, the answer appears to be what is often the case for Seattle: his physical and athletic profiles.

Physical and athletic profiles and Jerrick Reed II and Quandre Diggs

Category Jerrick Reed II Quandre Diggs
Category Jerrick Reed II Quandre Diggs
Height 5096 5091
Weight 196 196
Hand 9.375 9.625
Arm 31 29.625
Wingspan 72.625 71.625
40 4.46 4.56
20 2.59 2.7
10 1.54 1.65
Bench 18 17
Vertical 38 35.5
Broad 122 119
Shuttle 4.31 4.15
3-cone 7.16 7.22

It’s obviously highly unlikely that Jerrick Reed II could step in and replace Quandre Diggs immediately, but Diggs is not getting any younger, and his cap hit is not getting any smaller going forward. As such, while safety is not a position of great need for 2023, it should come as no surprise if the Seahawks were to use a Day 3 pick or heavily recruit as an undrafted free agent a player they believe might eventually be able to step in and take over at the position.