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DK Metcalf was the most fined player last season (other than Deshaun Watson)

Who’s gonna tell him?

Jacksonville Jaguars v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

DK Metcalf was the most fined player in the NFL last season. What does that have to do with the draft, free agency, or potential playoff chances?

Absolutely nothing. But sometimes I get sick of reading the latest attention seeker making up names for the Seahawks to take at number 5 while waiting until draft day, and maybe you do as well. Plus, I just stumbled across this.

Metcalf did not technically pony up the most in dollars last season - that honor was reserved for Deshaun Watson. But that’s an exception for an especially despicable circumstance.

However, he was fined the most in actual 2022 games, and his total payout came in second at $61,000. With them all being game-related fines for unsportsmanlike conduct (including both meetings against Jalen Ramsey and the Los Angeles Rams), Metcalf takes the 2022 crown.

Before ye judge, it’s not true that Metcalf is a disproportionate hothead on the field. It could be a combination of competitiveness, name brand, and bad luck brings the higher dollar amount.

Since coming into the league, Metcalf has nine total penalties (5 declined) in three years. Another top-end receiver from the same draft class, A.J. Brown, has six. Last season, Brown was also fined three times, though he totaled only $20k for his, all related to taunting or celebrating.

It pays to be the best. Or something like that.