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Who’s the worst draft pick in Seahawks franchise history?

Dan McGwire? Rick Mirer? Malik McDowell? The Boz? Who’s the Seahawks’ worst ever draft pick?

Seattle Seahawks v San Diego Chargers Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

The last couple of Sunday discussion posts have been cordial, fun, and relaxed. It’s just Seattle Seahawks fans reminiscing about favorite players, favorite plays, and “what-if?” situations regarding this year’s team.

Let’s flip this to something negative for this week’s pre-draft chat: Who is the worst draft pick in Seahawks history?

Before you answer, lemme make three things clear:

1.) Undrafted free agents are not accepted (and frankly why would you answer them for this question, anyway?).

2.) Players who were acquired from other teams via traded draft picks DO NOT COUNT. In other words, don’t say Jamal Adams or Deion Branch or Percy Harvin or whomever.

3.) I guarantee we’re going to get Malik McDowell as an answer, and even though he never played a down for the Seahawks, he 100 percent counts because he was drafted by Seattle.

Other than that, the criteria is open-ended. Early-round, mid-round, late-round, supplemental draft pick (The Boz, basically), terrible player, terrible person, didn’t live up to expectations, it’s all up to you!

If we go by recent history, I think Aaron Curry is easily one of the worst given he was the fourth overall pick and deemed a “safe pick” when in reality he blew that stupid terminology to smithereens. But in fairness to him, the top of the 2009 NFL Draft was rough.

Dan McGwire is the person featured in this photo and he was so terrible as a first-round pick that the Seahawks took the future bust Rick Mirer only two seasons later at 2nd overall in 1993. McGwire only threw 148 career passes in five seasons, two touchdowns and six interceptions and was out of the league by 1995. He was so poor that he was the third-string behind Stan Gelbaugh and Kelly Stouffer (who was drafted by the Cardinals, so don’t include him!) on the legendarily awful 1992 offense.

Brett Favre aside, the 1991 QB class is a total horror show.

For the Mike Holmgren era, Jerramy Stevens was not a bust in terms of lack of productivity, but he was both maddeningly inconsistent and I don’t think I need to go into detail about his repeated off-field troubles and arrests. Kelly Jennings (Round 1, 2006) is still looking for the ball, and Lawrence Jackson (Round 1, 2008) was the L.J. Collier of his time. Pete Carroll came in and immediately traded Jackson away instead of revive his former USC player’s career.

I can make a case for Malik McDowell (Round 2, 2017) as the worst Seahawks draft pick ever despite never playing a game here. He was supposed to be a key part of Seattle’s rebuilt defensive line and, well, you know the rest. McDowell’s ATV crash left him unavailable, and Seattle eventually traded Jermaine Kearse and a 2018 second-round pick for a year’s worth of Sheldon Richardson. That pick eventually went to the Philadelphia Eagles, who drafted Dallas Goedert. Taking McDowell worked out so poorly that it directly impacted the following year’s draft capital.

This is the Seahawks draft history, so choose wisely. Scroll down to the comments and debate!