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Quandre Diggs and Richard Sherman discuss who they’d like the Seahawks to draft at No. 5

Hint: It isn’t a quarterback.

Las Vegas Raiders v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

A three-time Pro Bowl Safety and a future Hall of Fame Cornerback walk into , , , get together on ‘The Richard Sherman Podcast’ to talk about who their favorite team should select with the first of their two first-round picks in the 2023 NFL Draft . . .

Hilarity ensues.

Before we get to the 58-second clip (and the transcript), let’s quickly look at the Seahawks‘ options with the 5th overall pick in this year’s draft . . .

. . . assuming they keep the pick.

This is the Seahawks we’re talking about - aka the team that has made 31 draft-day trades since 2011.

At No. 5, IF they stay at No. 5, the Seahawks’ options are:

  • One of the top four quarterbacks (Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud, Anthony Richardson, or Will Levis)
  • Alabama EDGE Will Anderson Jr.
  • Georgia DT Jalen Carter
  • Some dude from Texas Tech that seemingly every mock draft insists Seattle will take
  • A wildcard that absolutely no one will see coming

Note: Until recently, the moneyline favorite probably would’ve been the wildcard (and that’s said with only a hint of sarcasm).

On Friday, Richard Sherman welcomed Seahawks safety Quandre Diggs to his podcast and as noted above, hilarity ensued.


Sherman: “Who you think y’all getting with #5?”

Diggs:What I hope? I hope they get four straight quarterbacks so we can get buddy from ‘Bama.”

Sherman: “Right. Selfishly, I ain’t mad at that. Look, Seahawks got it crazy. If the boy from ‘Bama ain’t there, that boy from Georgia . . . they’re gonna be sitting there like, ‘Mhm, he did that? Mhm, damn man!’ I sure do ...’ With the #5 pick, the Seattle Seahawks pick . . . out of Georgia . . . Defensive Tackle . . .”

Diggs: “Yep! I’d take him!”

Sherman: “They say he the best player in the draft.”

Diggs: “He get in tip-top shape . . . he get around Bobby [Wagner] . . . you come around . . . Cliff keep comin’ around . . . you get the right people around and he’d learn. It’d be a great fit.”

Sherman: “Yeah, they’re not gonna let him leave Seattle. That boy ain’t getting on a plane once he get here. They ‘gon be like ‘Yeah, mmkay, make sure you say everything you need to to your family. This is your establishment. Look . . . they might get him an apartment right next to the facility. ‘This is where you live . . . You just gotta walk to work. We’ll have a security escort with you at all times.’ Welcome to Seattle, baby!”

Just in case it isn’t completely obvious . . .“Buddy from ‘Bama” is, of course Will Anderson Jr, and the defensive tackle from Georgia is Jalen Carter.

Game obviously recognizes game.

And neither Sherman nor Diggs seems concerned about Carter’s ‘red flags.’

It does appear though, that there is a pecking order to their preference, with Anderson 1A and Carter 1B.

We’ll find out if Sherm’ ‘n’ Diggs get their wish on April 27.

Go Hawks!