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Is this the ‘perfect’ 7-round mock draft for the Seahawks?

Seattle makes five picks on both offense and defense.

Syndication: Gator Sports Doug Engle / USA TODAY NETWORK

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this year’s pre-draft process, it’s to never, ever, ever set a newsfeed alert that includes the words “Seahawks” and “mock draft”

Despite how fun it’s been, I wake up each day with at least a half dozen alerts, and then get another dozen or so as the day goes on.

For two straight months.

Thankfully, that ends next week (April 27th cannot get here soon enough!).

Until then though, I have plenty of things to write about, including this so-called “perfect” mock draft from the ultra-reputable (and heretofore never heard of) . . .

Before sharing the link to the actual mock draft, let me first state that this is one of those sites that likes to do slideshows with a bazillion ads on each page and the Seahawks’ draft class is listed on slide 28.

The good news is that the link I’m sharing will take you directly to the Seahawks’ draft class on Page 28 so there’s no need to look at any of the other slides (and the associated advertisements) unless you want to.

The PERFECT 7-Round 2023 NFL Mock Draft: Seattle Seahawks

  • R1.05: QB Anthony Richardson, Florida
  • R1.20: DE Lukas Van Ness, Iowa
  • R2.37: CB Kelee Ringo, Georgia
  • R2.52: OC Luke Wypler, Ohio State
  • R3.83: LB Trenton Simpson, Clemson
  • R4.123: DE Byron Young, Tennessee
  • R5.151: TE Cameron Latu, Alabama
  • R5.154: OG Jerome Carvin, Tennessee
  • R6.198: S Brandon Joseph, Notre Dame
  • R7.237: WR Keytaon Thompson, Virginia

Personally, I like the first two picks: 100% okay with taking a QB at #5 if that QB is Anthony Richardson or C.J. Stroud. Love Van Ness at #20.

Not sold on Kelee Ringo at #37. Agree that we could use another cornerback, but unless we take one on Day One, I’d prefer to wait until Day Three.

Zero issues with the next four picks: Center is a need and Wypler is one of the top-3 in this class; LB is a need and Trenton Simpson is a good one; like the Tennessee version of Bryron Young (also like the Alabama version); think Latu is worth taking in Round 5.

Don’t really know who Jerome Carvin is - which says something since I’ve personally conducted over 500 mock drafts this year, but we need some depth on the interior of the offensive line so using an R5 on a Guard is fine.

Like the selection of Brandon Joseph in the 6th round; he gives us some low-cost depth behind Jamal Adams, Quandre Diggs, Julian Love, and Joey Blount.

Never heard of Keytaon Thompson but it’s an R7 so I don’t really care who we take with that pick in the grand scheme of things.

Bottom line: In my opinion, this is NOT the “perfect” draft, but there’s more to like about it than a lot of the ones I’ve seen (starting with no Tyree Wilson at #5). I’ll give it a B+

Go Hawks!