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Casual Friday open thread: What are you watching?

These open threads are coming at you in rapid Succession... GET IT?!

HBO’s “Succession” Season 3 Premiere Photo by Arturo Holmes/WireImage

Welcome to another Casual Friday, where we deviate from Seattle Seahawks talk to discuss other stuff.

Television! We consume it every day but the way we watch television has changed so much over the decades. Gone are the days where Seinfield’s series finale can be watched by 75 million American viewers because the only way to catch the first viewing was through NBC’s primetime lineup. Now you’ve got traditional cable and satellite channels, on-demand streaming services, and live TV through streaming companies. Want to binge-watch your favorite current show or every episode of The Wire? You have that option.

I’m very behind on new trends or the latest hit shows on traditional TV or on the plethora of available streaming services. I did watch every episode of “History of the World, Part II” on Hulu and I’ve got to say it’s very hit-and-miss. Mel Brooks is a comedy genius but the episodic nature of the successor to his “History of the World” movie means that bad bits extend across several episodes.

HBO apparently has this show called “Succession” entering its final season and it has blown up my Twitter timeline every Sunday night for a few years. I still haven’t finished “We Own This City” yet so I’ve got some catching up to do. Based on clips I’ve seen just of Cousin Greg and Logan Roy, I feel like I’m obligated to get my ass in gear and start binging from Season 1 all the way to the latest episode, because it looks like gripping drama mixed with biting humor.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is entering its final season and you better believe I’ll be watching every episode of that.

I don’t have a Netflix subscription but it turns out some nights it doesn’t actually matter.

Anyway, what you got on the ol’ television screen?