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Who’s the best draft pick in Seahawks history?

There’s no shortage of all-time great Seahawks draft picks.

Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos, Super Bowl XLVIII Set Number: X157561 TK1 R2 F155

The NFL Draft is almost here, and in a follow-up to last week’s chat about the single worst draft pick in Seattle Seahawks history, I figure it’s only fair to balance it out by asking who the best draft pick is.

These are the only things to note:

1.) Undrafted free agents don’t count. “Undrafted” is the hint that it shouldn’t count. Sorry, Doug Baldwin.

2.) Players from other teams acquired via draft pick don’t count.

3.) Steve Largent is a disqualifying answer because he was drafted by the Houston Oilers.

Otherwise your reasoning for picking your best draft choice is entirely up to you, even if you don’t believe the best pick is necessarily the best Seahawks player.

Walter Jones stands out as an obvious leading answer. He’s one of the greatest offensive tackles to ever play the sport, and John Madden called him one of the best athletes he’s ever seen. Shaun Alexander’s record-breaking MVP season was paved by Big Walt and Steve Hutchinson, and the Seahawks have been unable to replicate that level of OL play ever since 2005.

Defensively you have Kenny Easley, Cortez Kennedy, and pretty much everyone from the Legion of Boom era (so Bobby Wagner is included alongside Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, and Earl Thomas) as possible candidates for best Seahawks draft pick.

For me, the answer is Russell Wilson and it’s not particularly close. Is he the absolute best Seahawks player of all-time? No. But anything resembling mostly average quarterback play would’ve rendered the Legion of Boom’s dominance moot, and we’d be sitting here lamenting zero Super Bowls instead of being a yard shy of two titles. Don’t let Wilson’s end of tenure in Seattle and early failures in Denver cloud what he meant to the franchise and his accomplishments at the height of his career. To get a possible HOF quarterback with the 75th overall pick is absurd, and through all the thrills and spills he was one of the NFL’s best dual-threat QBs and was at the helm for the best run of football the Seahawks have ever had.

This is the Seahawks draft history, so choose wisely. Scroll down to the comments and debate!