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The Field Gulls 2023 NFL Draft Armchair GM Challenge has arrived

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

After months of waiting. Weeks of dreaming. Hundreds of mock drafts read, mocked and discarded as worthless. The wait is finally over. Teams are descending upon Kansas City in order to add youth and talent to the roster.

It’s time.

The Field Gulls 2023 NFL Draft Armchair GM Challenge has arrived.

For the Field Gulls community that means attempting to predict the players Pete Carroll and John Schneider will add to the roster of the Seattle Seahawks and winning bragging rights over other commenters until next year.

The scoring system for the challenge will be the same as in years past: each entrant chooses 20 players they believe the Seahawks may select in the draft. Those 20 players are selected using the entry form in the order in which one believes them likely to be drafted. For example, the player an entrant believes is most likely to be drafted by Seattle is chosen in the “30 Point Selection”. If that player is then taken by the team in any of the seven rounds of the draft, the entrant gets 30 points. The process then follows for the remaining 19 selections, with each being worth one less possible point down to the player one believes least likely to be selected by the Seahawks worth 11 points.

At the end of the draft, the entrant with the most points wins. If multiple entrants finish with the same number of points, there are two separate tiebreakers that will be used to decide the victor.

This year the players eligible to be selected for the Armchair GM Challenge come from the PFF Big Board, with the top 400 players in alphabetical order by first name in a dropdown for each question. Simply select one player for each point value, answer the two tiebreakers at the bottom and hit submit, and you are entered. Should one change their mind after submitting a form, simply submit the form a second time and the early entry will be replaced.

Entries will be accepted until 7 PM New York Time on Day 1 of the draft, which is obviously Thursday, April 27.