2023 Seahawks seven-round pseudo mock draft - The final edition

(Photo by David Bergman /Sports Illustrated via Getty Images)

So we have made it to the end of this thing. I hope everyone has enjoyed the journey as we have tried to learn a few more names to follow over the 4 day fun fest otherwise known as the NFL draft. This psuedo mock will be a little different than most I have done, mostly because I am going to project a trade and add in the extra picks, instead of one per round.

I am guessing, and kinda hoping, that the Seattle Seahawks trade out of No. 5. The potential is there to pick up an extra 1st rounder next year and a 3rd rounder this year if we are willing to drop back to the 10-12 range. That is great value for team building going forward.

I don't think we are in the QB market at all. They would be, if there was someone that blew them away, but I don't think any of them besides Young grade higher than Lock. Overall, I would bet that the top 4 QBs slide all the way through at least the 10th pick, because like last year, they aren't as good as the press wants them to be. I know we have some Richardson truthers floating around, but other than Jared Allen, no QB has come into the pros and improved their accuracy to the level that he would require. Much like Malik Willis last year, I just don't think they will spend the draft capital on a QB that doesn't actually improve their QB room. Plus I really think they love Geno and want him to be the man for the next few years.

I think Jalen Carter is either toxic and off the board or someone (AZ) will grab him before we can, so no point talking about him.

I think Anderson will be gone before we can grab him, but would stay put if he was still there.

Big board wise, in the top 10, that leaves a tackle, a tackle who is really a guard and a couple of corners. I would doubt that any of those guys rate high enough to stay at 5 and take.

So that leaves us trading down to around 10 for a next year 1st and current year 3rd. So lets see who that leaves us.

Past Drafts

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Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6


Round 1 WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba - Ohio State

Round 1 LB Drew Sanders - Arkansas

Round 2 DE Adetomiwa Adebawore - Northwestern

Round 2 CB Julius Brents - KSU

Round 3 S JL Skinner - Boise State

Round 3 LB DeMarvion Overshown - Texas

Round 4 DT Keondre Coburn - Texas

Round 5 RB Chris Rodriguez Jr - Kentucky

Round 5 OG/C Braeden Daniels - Utah

Round 6 OG/C Jordan McFadden - Clemson

Round 7 WR Matt Landers - Arkansas


Pick-by-pick Breakdown

Seahawks at pick Round 1 WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba

I struggled with who to grab here, but it just kinda makes sense, after sitting with it for awhile. OSU supplies great WRs every year and those guys all say that JSN is the best of them. He is probably best suited for the slot. He is super quick and great after the catch. I also love that we get him for 4 years on a reasonable contract. With the rest of this draft, he will really round out the weapons available for Geno.


Seahawks select at Round 1 OLB Drew Sanders - Arkansas

I realize that many will groan at drafting a LB this high, but he isn't just a LB. He is a freak athlete. He started as an edge rusher at Alabama, moved to MIKE at Arkansas and then moved to OLB. This is Micah Parsons. He can plug the run game, cover TEs and blitz from everywhere. Having Bobby around to help harness this guy is my dream.


Seahawks at pick Round 2 DE Adetomiwa Adebawore - Northwestern

This guy is built to be a 3-4 DE once he gets into an NFL weight program. He is 280+ and he ran a 4.49 with crazy explosive testing. He is a freak in the middle. Very excited to see what he can do with quality players around him.


Seahawks at pick Round 2 CB Julius Brents - KSU

He doesn't have Woolen's raw speed, but he has the instincts and footwork to compete for the other starting CB job as a rookie. The part of his game that really got me excited was his tackling in run support. How many times did we watch Jackson just get trucked or ran around last year? Brents is a thumper in run support.


Seahawks pick at Round 3 S JL Skinner - Boise State

This is my #1 draft crush and will almost guarantee is high up on PCJS' board. This is Cam, but with better coverage skills. They wanted more thump and nasty this offseason, that is what the letters JL stand for. I will have him as my number one slot on the arm chair GM. This is also the pick that they would have gotten trading back from 5 to 10ish.


Seahawks select at Round 3 LB DeMarvion Overshown - Texas

I can already hear the screaming and gnashing of teeth when we select a 2nd LB. We only have 2 LBs on the roster, who might be healthy week 1, which tells me we are going after some in the draft. Overshown is a converted safety, so think of him more as the WILL or big Nickel LB. Adding Sanders, Skinner and Overshown, covers the middle of the field with so much speed and pop.


Seahawks select at Round 4 DT Keondre Coburn - Texas

No, I am not just pandering to Hawknado, at least not intentionally. Coburn is the guy you have to have in a 3-4, who will muddy up the middle and keep the LBs clean. You aren't going to easily run the ball up the middle with him on the field. He isn't a pass rusher first, but he is completely capable of contributing and colapsing the pocket when needed.


Seahawks select at Round 5 RB Chris Rodriguez Jr - Kentucky

This will be my second entry in the armchair GM challenge, because I would be PCJS are targeting him. Over the last decade, he had the third best season for missed tackles forced per game. Bijan has the top two spots. Pete values missed tackles so much and he doesn't fumble the ball. When it comes down to it, I just love watching him truck guys.


Seahawks select at Round 5 OG Braeden Daniels - Utah

Daniels played all over the line at Utah and was solid wherever they stuck him. He should stick as a solid option at either guard spot and be able to start from day one.


Seahawks select at Round 6 OG/C Jordan McFadden - Clemson

I realize that someone has probably already commented that I didn't draft a center, where here he is. He was a team captain and 3 year starting tackle in college, but at 6-2, he will be a guard at best, but most likely a center in the NFL. Yes he will need time to develop, but he has shown he has the leadership and smarts to develop into a solid center.


Seahawks select at Round 7 WR Matt Landers - Arkansas

The 7th round is for hope, traits and special teams. 6-4, 200lbs and runs a 4.37 while jumping through the roof???? Yes please. Worst case he is a force as a gunner, but after transferring to Toledo, from Georgia, he was finally developing into a real WR. In the 7th round I will bet on those traits.