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Who’s the one player you don’t want the Seahawks to draft?

Is there a “must avoid” player on your Seahawks draft radar?

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 05 Texas Tech at TCU Photo by Matthew Visinsky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks are a day away from being on the clock in the 2023 NFL Draft, and through all of the rumors and reports and everything else under the sun, we don’t really know what the Seahawks will do with either of their first-round draft picks.

I thought about making this discussion about players you want the Seahawks to draft, but that’s too easy. Let’s go the more negative, personal nightmare scenario that we’ll revisit in a year to see if we could be candidates for a Freezing Cold Take.

Is there a single player on the board whom you do NOT want to see in a Seahawks uniform? Even though this can theoretically range from a Round 1 pick all the way to Round 7, I can’t imagine any sensible person freaking out over some Day 3 selection, so it’s implied that the player will go within the first couple of rounds.

Jalen Carter and Anthony Richardson are the two most polarizing names on either side of the spectrum. Either you want him because you think he’s franchise-changing, or you don’t want him because he’s potentially franchise-damaging. Then there’s Tyree Wilson, whom I mocked to Seattle at No. 5 (and so did Devin Csigi in his mock) and he seems to be a flatly underwhelming pick given the draft capital.

I’m going to sidestep No. 5 and go a little further down the draft to No. 20. If you were expecting me to say Bijan Robinson, then you’re in for a shock. My no-go is Quentin Johnston of TCU. Yes, the Seahawks need a wide receiver! No, Johnston is not the guy.

Johnston may have a big frame and some of the athletic tools to be a viable NFL receiver, but his drops and inconsistent contested catch rate is a real problem for me. My idea of the next great Seahawks receiver is more in the form of Tyler Lockett or Doug Baldwin for a team-specific example, or a sure-handed star like Stefon Diggs or Davante Adams to go league-wide. Johnston doesn’t really possess those qualities in my opinion, and he’s too much of a “boom-or-bust” option for me among the top receivers in this class.

There is no poll because it’s meant to be open-ended. Your reasoning is up to you (unless it’s a direct personal attack, in which case watch yourself and think before you press publish). This is only for a player you don’t want to see on the Seahawks, not a player you don’t want to see on another team.

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