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Who’s the one player you want the Seahawks to draft?

And now, for the dream Seahawks pick.

South Florida v Florida Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

On Wednesday, we asked which player you didn’t want the Seattle Seahawks to draft under any circumstances. Now that it’s Thursday and the NFL Draft is just hours away, let’s flip the question to a player you most want to see on the team.

What’s most amusing is a few of the answers from Wednesday (Jalen Carter. Bijan Robinson, and Anthony Richardson, most notably) could end up being among the more popular answers for this discussion. There are clearly some top prospects who divide opinion for a variety of reasons.

I’m head over heels for Julius Brents of Kansas State. The Seahawks don’t need another outside corner, but he fits the mold of a Pete Carroll cornerback with his 6’4 frame and elite athletic traits. Him and Tariq Woolen together could form a standout duo, but also it’s a near certainty he’s off the board before Round 3, when Seattle usually starts cornerback searching.

So exempting him, I really don’t have a lot of other options. Marvin Mims Jr out of Oklahoma is a name I don’t think we’ve brought up on this site one time, and he’s not even someone we’ve done a scouting report on or had any reports of a visit with the Seahawks. Even on one of the worst Sooner teams in a long time, he was still First-team All-Big XII with over 1,000 yards on just 54 catches. While he is a deep threat I’m drawn to his ability to generate yards after catch and track the ball in the air effectively. He is a deep ball threat and I know I’ve said that’s not the primary thing Seattle needs, but he’s also a zone coverage beater who can get yards after catch and isn’t a liability to drop a ton of passes. I see another slot option who can be a punt returner, and much like Tyler Lockett, he’s a good candidate for a 3rd round selection.

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