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Pete Prisco’s final 2023 NFL mock draft may frustrate Seahawks fans

Think you can do better? Drop your mock draft in the comments

NFL Combine - Portraits Photo by Todd Rosenberg/Getty Images

The 2023 NFL Draft is only hours away and the Seahawks have two first-round picks for the first time since 2010.

One of those picks is the highest pick that John Schneider and Pete Carroll have ever had, at No. 5 overall.

The other one is at No. 20, which is a spot that John and Pete are used to.

Will they make both picks at the designated spot?

Will they trade one or both of them?

We’ll know soon.

In the meantime, CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco gives us something to discuss with ‘Prisco’s final word on his last mock draft: TRUST NO ONE’.

In Pete’s words:

In the old days, I used to agonize about my final mock, hoping I could get as many right as possible. But now in my older years, I’ve come to realize how many people lie at this time of the year — even guys I trust. Some of the guys I’ve known best over the years have even given me blatantly bad information, which I went with and, of course, ended up being wrong. They heard about it.

So I trust very few.

That’s why I only lean on a few people in this league for information — and then just try and figure out the rest. If I get them right, I get them right. If I don’t, I don’t.

. . .

In this mock, it’s basically a guessing game.

The Top Four

No. 1: QB Bryce Young (Carolina Panthers)

It’s not a secret anymore . . .

No. 2: QB Will Levis (Houston Texans)

This will shock a lot of people, but it makes sense.

No. 3: OT Paris Johnson Jr. (Arizona Cardinals)

They want to get out of this spot, but for this they can’t. They stay put and take Johnson, who Kyler Murray is said to want.

No. 4: QB C.J. Stroud (Indianapolis Colts)

They have to take a quarterback and Stroud is more NFL ready than Anthony Richardson.

Seattle’s Pick at No. 5

EDGE Will Anderson Jr., DT Jalen Carter, and QB Anthony Richardson are all on the board, so what does Pricso do?

The same thing Peter King did in his final mock draft.

Now, to be fair, it’s the same thing that 38% of Seahawks fans think will happen anyway, but picking Jalen Carter at No. 5 still seems like the least-best option to me in this particular scenario.

Personally, I would pick Anderson (immediate impact, no red flags) and pray that Richardson slides to No. 20, or at least into the teens.

The Rest of the Top Ten

No. 6: CB Devon Witherspoon (Detroit Lions)

No. 7: CB Christian Gonzalez (Las Vegas Raiders)

No. 8: EDGE Will Anderson Jr. (Atlanta Falcons) - I cannot see Anderson falling this far.

No. 9: OT Peter Skoronski (Chicago Bears)

No. 10: EDGE Tyree Wilson (Philadelphia Eagles)

Picks 11-19

No. 11: OT Broderick Jones (Tennessee Titans)

No. 12: WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba (Houston Texans)

No. 13: EDGE Nolan Smith (Green Bay Packers) - it’s not just Rodgers they won’t give R1 weapons to

No. 14: EDGE Lukas Van Ness (New England Patriots)

No. 15: TE Michael Mayer (New York Jets) - Rodgers’ new team gives him an R1 weapon; life is GOOD!

No. 16: CB Emmanuel Forbes (Washington Commanders)

No. 17: OT Darnell Wright (Pittsburgh Steelers)

No. 18: WR Zay Flowers (Detroit Lions) - LOVE this pick for my 2nd-favorite team!

No. 19: EDGE Will McDonald IV (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Seattle’s Pick at No. 20

I have a question . . .

What has the State of Washington, King County, the City of Seattle, the Seattle Seahawks, John Schneider, Peter Carroll, the 12s, and/or myself personally . . . what have we done that makes Pete Prisco treat us so poorly?

QB Anthony Richardson is still on the board.

So is RB Bijan Robinson.

. . .

With the 20th pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Myles Murphy, EDGE, University of Clemson.

. . .

Just to rub it in, Robinson and Richardson are the next two picks.

The Rest of the First Round

No. 21: RB Bijan Robinson (Los Angeles Chargers)

The best way to improve the bad run defense and help your quarterback is to run the ball. Possession matters.

No kidding? SIGH.

No. 22: QB Anthony Richardson (Baltimore Ravens)

This might seem strange, but considering the Lamar Jackson saga and the way it’s playing out, it really isn’t.

Using a QB who needs to sit for a year or two to try to coax your franchise QB to sign his franchise tag doesn’t really make sense to me, but this is Prisco’s mock draft, not mine, so I’ll just wish the Ravens luck.

No. 23: QB Hendon Hooker (Minnesota Vikings)

The Vikings are said to be wanting to get a quarterback to build around for the future. ... He could sit for a year behind Kirk Cousins and then take over in 2024.

No. 24: OT Anton Harrison (Jacksonville Jaguars)

No. 25: CB Deonte Banks (New York Giants)

There is talk they are eyeing a move up for a corner, so this makes sense.

Daniel Jones has no one to throw the ball to, but, sure, go ahead and use the R1 on a cornerback.

No. 26: DT Calijah Kancey (Dallas Cowboys)

No. 27: LB Jack Campbell (Buffalo Bills)

No. 28: CB Joey Porter Jr. (Cincinnati Bengals)

I know Bengals fans won’t like the name, but if he falls this far it would make sense to take him.

I agree on both counts - it makes sense, and the Cincy message boards would implode.

No. 29: DT Mazi Smith (New Orleans Saints)

No. 30: S Brian Branch (Philadelphia Eagles) - arguably the biggest “steal” of the first round

No. 31: WR Jordan Addison (Kansas City Chiefs)

They get the guy I think is the best receiver in this class.

Showing some favoritism there, Pete.

Final Thoughts

I don’t hate either of Seattle’s picks.

I think that both would be really good additions to the team.

IF there weren’t better options available with both of the freaking picks.

The good news is this isn’t real.

The BETTER news is that the real draft is only a few hours away.

What would you do with Seattle’s picks?

Tell us in the comments!