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Derick Hall pick completes the Russell Wilson trade for the Seahawks

Eight players later, here are the new Seahawks.

San Jose State v Auburn Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks went back to the defensive line with their first pick in the second round.

Their selection of Auburn’s pass rusher Derick Hall also completes the trade of Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos just over a year ago.

And what a haul it truly was.

We’ve seen the three players that came with the trade, and now we have the five draft picks that Seattle gets to employ for a few years.

Harris is currently not a Seahawk, but as for the rest, there’s tons of potential. Noah Fant played as part of the dangerous three-tight end package. Lock is their backup QB. Charles Cross is a 100% snap starter. Boye Mafe progressed throughout the season and shows great promise. Tyreke Smith is the only player we haven’t seen yet. Devon Witherspoon was the top corner in this year’s draft, and now here comes Hall to shore up the defensive line.

So in effect, Seahawk fans no longer need to root for the Broncos to fail. If that’s too deeply ingrained of a habit by now, well, I can’t stop you.

A massive return for John Schneider as he continues to build this franchise back up.