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Seahawks trying to bring Poona Ford back

As Ford remains unsigned, he’s still the best option at the position.

Las Vegas Raiders v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks are no stranger to cutting a player only to bring them back on a cheaper contract. They’ve done it recently with Carlos Dunlap, and earlier with receiver Jaron Brown.

Not only could Poona Ford be another such candidate, but Seattle both needs and wants him back. Pete Carroll recently indicated as much:

It was a surprise / indictment / not-really-a-surprise when the Seahawks up and cut every single member of the interior defensive line. Last year’s defense at times did little defending.

However, this bear front needs something they call a nose tackle, which is additionally something that Seattle currently does not employ.

Ford is 27 years old. He started the offseason at #94 on some Top Free Agent lists, now is ranked 13th on NFL trade rumors and the - get this - third best remaining FA on

It’s been a staggeringly quiet market for Ford and the other guys - Shelby Harris, Al Woods, and Quinton Jefferson.

What bringing back Ford in particular does is, like many of the other moves thus far, removes a great deal of pressure from the upcoming draft. The Jalen Carter sweepstakes have now turned into a massive question mark, and one thing John Schneider has never enjoyed is having his hand forced at the draft. Carroll’s remarks would indicate the team’s desire to see a reunion with Ford at a position in which he has previously played quite well.

Of all the guys who are unsigned, Ford makes the most sense to bring back as a positional fit and as most likely candidate to bounce back. Seattle could shore up one last spot without being unnecessarily rookie-dependent, and this would be the place to do it.