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NFL Draft results 2023: Day 3 NFC West round-up, plus final draft classes

A look at how the NFC West drafted in 2023.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 15 Penn State at Michigan Photo by Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On Day 3 of the 2023 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks finally did what everyone expected them to do: they addressed the trenches.

Four of their six choices on Saturday were either offensive or defensive linemen.

Let’s take a look at how things unfolded . . .

. . . and where it leaves the Seahawks and their division rivals now that the 2023 NFL Draft is officially in the books.

Day Three Trades

The third day of the NFL draft was a quiet one for trades.


The league’s 32 teams pulled off 20 trades on Day Three, and the Los Angeles Rams were involved in three of them.

Trade No. 1: Round 5

  • Houston got No. 167
  • Los Angeles got No. 174 and No. 259 (R7)

Trade No. 2: Round 5

  • Tampa Bay got No. 171
  • Los Angeles got No. 175 and No. 252 (R7)

Trade No. 3: Round 6

  • Los Angeles got No. 215
  • Buffalo got No. 252 (R7) and a 2024 R6

No other NFC West team made any trades on Day Three.

Round Four Selections

San Francisco was shut out in Round Four. Such a bummer!

R4.108 (SEA): LSU Guard Anthony Bradford

R4.122 (AZ): UCLA Guard Jon Gaines II

R4.123 (SEA): Mississippi State DT Cameron Young

R4.128 (LAR): Georgia QB Stetson Bennett

Round Five Selections

NFC West teams made ten of the 42 picks in Round Five, with each team making at least two selections. The Rams made a whopping FOUR.

R5.139 (AZ): Houston QB Clayton Tune

R5.151 (SEA): Michigan DE Mike Morris

R5.154 (SEA): Michigan Center Olusegun Oluwatimi

R5.155 (SF): South Alabama CB Darrell Luter Jr.

R5.161 (LAR): Appalachian State OLB Nick Hampton

R5.168 (AZ): Auburn ILB Owen Pappoe

R5.173 (SF): Georgia DE Robert Beal Jr.

R5.174 (LAR): Georgia OT Warren McClendon

R5.175 (LAR): Clemson TE Davis Allen

R5.177 (LAR): BYU WR Puka Nacua

Round Six Selections

The NFC West made seven selections in Round Six; three were by the Rams.

R6.180 (AZ): Louisville CB Kei’Trel Clark

R6.182 (LAR): TCU CB Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson

R6.189 (LAR): Nebraska DE Ochaun Mathis

R6.198 (SEA): New Mexico Safety Jerrick Reed II

R6.213 (AZ): West Virginia DT Dante Stills

R6.215 (LAR): Ole Miss RB Zach Evans

R6.216 (SF): TCU LB Dee Winters

Round Seven Selections

Arizona was shut out in Round Seven while Los Angeles and San Francisco made three picks each.

R7.223 (LAR): Wingate Punter Ethan Evans

R7.234 (LAR): Oklahoma State Safety Jason Taylor II

R7.237 (SEA): Georgia RB Kenny McIntosh

R7.247 (SF): Oklahoma TE Brayden Willis

R7.253 (SF): Michigan WR Ronnie Bell

R7.255 (SF): Purdue OLB Jalen Graham

R7.259 (LAR): Toledo DE Desjuan Johnson (aka Mr. Irrelevant 2023)


Here are the NFC West’s Day Three selections:

  • Arizona (5): R4.122: OG Jon Gaines, R5.139: QB Clayton Tune, R5.168: ILB Owen Pappoe: R6.180: CB Kei’Trel Clark, R6.213: DT Dante Stills
  • Los Angeles (11): R4.128: QB Stetson Bennett, R5.161: OLB Nick Hampton, R5.174: OT Warren McClendon, R5.175: TE Davis Allen, R5.177: WR Puka Nacua, R6.182: CB Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson, R6.189: DE Ochaun Mathis, R6.215: RB Zach Evans , R7.223: P Ethan Evans, R7.234: S Jason Taylor II, and R7.259: DE Desjuan Johnson
  • San Francisco (6): R5.155: CB Darrell Luter Jr., R5.173: DE Robert Beal Jr., R6.216: LB Dee Winters, R7.247: TE Brayden Willis, R7.253: WR Ronnie Bell, and R7.255: OLB Jalen Graham
  • Seattle (6): R4.108: OG Anthony Bradford, R4.123: DT Cameron Young, R5.151: DE Mike Morris, R5.154: OC Olusegun Oluwatimi, R6.198: S Jerrick Reed II, and R7.237: RB Kenny McIntosh

Future Picks from 2023 NFL Draft

  • Arizona (3): 2024 R1 (HST), 2024 R3 (HST), 2024 R3 (TEN)
  • Los Angeles (-1): Gave up their 2024 R6
  • San Francisco (0):
  • Seattle (1): 2024 R3 (TBD)

Note: The R3 that Seattle will get from Denver in 2024 is the lower of their native pick or the the pick Denver received from the Saints as part of the trade for Sean Payton.

NFC West Draft Classes

ARIZONA (9 players)

  • OT Paris Johnson Jr.
  • OLB B.J. Ojulari
  • CB Garrett Williams
  • WR Michael Wilson
  • OG Jon Gaines II
  • QB Clayton Tune
  • ILB Owen Pappoe
  • CB Kei’Trel Clark
  • DT Dante Stills


LOS ANGELES (14 players)

  • OG Steve Avila
  • DT Byron Young
  • DT Kobie Turner
  • QB Stetson Bennett
  • OLB Nick Hampton
  • OT Warren McClendon
  • TE Davis Allen
  • WR Puka Nacua
  • CB Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson
  • DE Ochaun Mathis
  • RB Zach Evans
  • P Ethan Evans
  • S Jason Taylor II
  • DE Desjuan Johnson


SAN FRANCISCO (9 players)

  • S Ji’Ayir Brown
  • K Jake Moody
  • TE Cameron Latu
  • CB Darrell Luter Jr.
  • DE Robert Beal Jr.
  • ILB Dee Winters
  • TE Brayden WIllis
  • WR Ronnie Bell
  • OLB Jalen Graham


SEATTLE (10 players)

  • CB Devon Witherspoon
  • WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba
  • OLB Derick Hall
  • RB Zach Charbonnet
  • OG Anthony Bradford
  • DT Cameron Young
  • DE Mike Morris
  • OC Olusegun Oluwatimi
  • S Jerrick Reed II
  • RB Kenny McIntosh


Go Hawks!