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Casual Friday open thread: Where in the world is Field Gulls? (2023 edition)

Seahawks fans, where in the world are you?


Casual Friday is back!

Sometimes, we need a little break from talking about the Seattle Seahawks on this Seahawks blog. The goal for Casual Friday is to have a community chat about non-Seahawks things, and once again we start this offseason discussion post by asking “Where the hell is everybody?”

The Seahawks have a large, global fan base and we saw it on full display in last season’s regular season road trip to Munich, Germany. Seattle fans also showed up in droves for the international games in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and London, England. We’ve also seen a swelling of stateside support to the point where “SEA-HAWKS!” chants can be heard loud and clear at successful away games.

There is no need to overshare and give an exact location of where you are! If you live in Eastern Washington you can just leave it at that and no need to provide any more specifics unless you want to.

My residence hasn’t changed. I’m still in the Portland Metro Area in Oregon and this will be my sixth year living in this state, and 13th in the Pacific Northwest. I’m a California native but I haven’t lived there in going on 23 years, so don’t complain about another Californian in your state, Oregonians or Washingtonians!

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