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Seahawks 2023 schedule: A game-by-game prediction of Seattle’s season

A smooth start gives way to a savage finish.

Carolina Panthers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

Fresh off an impressive draft class and the revelation of no international games, it’s time to take a look at the Seattle Seahawks schedule for the 2023 season. The quest for another Super Bowl starts at home against the Los Angeles Rams and includes many intriguing matchups along the way.

Week 1, Vs. Los Angeles Rams - W

The only reason it was even close last year was because of Bobby Wagner, and he’s back on our team.

Week 2, at Detroit Lions - W

POINTS! The outcome of this game is not nearly as interesting as the prospect of each team scoring 60. Would love to see it.

Week 3, Vs. Carolina Panthers - W

As tempting as it is to predict a completely inexplicable loss here, we’re hoping that haunting memory of the NFC South doesn’t affect a team who just needs to stop a Bryce Young with two games of experience or...Andy...Dalton. Dangit.

I believe.

Week 4, at New York Giants - W

Last year was such a big deal at the time, with these teams both massively outperforming expectations when they faced off. However, I don’t feel the Giants have improved nearly as much as the Seahawks, and this game wasn’t close a year ago. Monday Night Football certainly would favor Pete Carroll’s world as well.

Week 5 - BYE

From an athlete’s standpoint, these early byes are a bit useless because two and a half months later nobody’s remembering that week off they had. However, it does allow for a couple of defensive injury recoveries to have a possible target for return / ramp up.

It does however, make this next bit interesting...

Week 6, at Cincinnati Bengals - L

Pete Carroll technically has a winning record coming out of the bye, but Seattle has lost that game the last three years.

The Seahawks play so few elite quarterbacks in the NFC, and this Joe Burrow passing offense will be one of the few that could stand above the Seahawks’ own. Cincinnati allowed fewer points than every NFC team last year except the Niners, and they have what it takes to get out to a lead and hold on it what proves to be one of the best games of the season.

Week 7, Vs. Arizona Cardinals - W

This is not a good team.

Week 8, Vs. Cleveland Browns - W

Are the Browns actually good now? Suppose they could be. Will this matter? No, it will not.

Week 9, at Baltimore Ravens - L

At this point the Seahawks are 6-1 heading into this game, but Baltimore has one of the only receiving groups who can keep Seattle honest enough that Lamar Jackson will be able to do things. It may be on the ground, and this may be the moment when a blogger about Hawks proclaims that the run defense is not fixed.

Week 10, Vs. Washington Commanders - W

Also known as the Cody Barton revenge game. They still suck though.

Week 11, at Los Angeles Rams - W

There will come a day* when it is a disadvantage to play in Los Angeles. It is not this day.


Week 12, Vs. San Francisco 49ers - L

Thanksgiving! The Niners are home against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 11, so both teams travel the same distance to come back up to Seattle for the last of the Turkey Day matchups. Unfortunately, I trust the San Fran roster a little more for a late-season quick-turnaround then our own.

I hate that this keeps happening, but something like Jerry McDouglas, your 33 year old neighbor who played college intramural ball, will sign with the 49ers eight days before this game and run for 112 yards. Look for another 20-16 headache.

Week 13, at Dallas Cowboys - L

Dallas is good, having the full week in between is cool and interesting, but this is a tough one on the road. A good game comes down to a failed final drive as Seattle hits 8-4.

Week 14, at San Francisco 49ers - W

In a twist reminiscent of the Arizona rivalry from five years ago, each team will be able to get up for the matchup on the road, as the 49ers and Seahawks both win in the opponent’s stadium.

Week 15, at Tennessee Titans - W

The Derrick Henry of today will not be able to do what the Derrick Henry of Week 2, 2021 did. Outside of that, the Titans aren’t good enough.

Week 16, Vs. Philadelphia Eagles - L

Jalen Carter will unfortunately dominate the early commentary, but regardless, the Eagles running backs will be too good for this defensive line. We know one of them, too. Sniff.

Week 17, Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers - L

Pittsburgh drafted some really good players this year, but I don’t like them and I don’t care about anybody on that team besides TJ Watt.

Week 18, at Arizona Cardinals - W

This team isn’t any better at this point.

Final record prediction: 11-6

Go Hawks!