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How the Seahawks offense can best use seventh-round pick Kenny McIntosh

The former Georgia running back was the last running back taken in the 2023 NFL Draft. Can he be a valuable part of the Seahawks offense?

Georgia CFP National Championship Parade Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Despite drafting running backs in the second round of both the 2022 and 2023 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks decided to draft another one in the 7th round in Georgia’s Kenny McIntosh. McIntosh was an integral part of both national championship offenses. His 2022 season was the biggest of his career as he had over 1,300 combined rushing and receiving yards in addition to 12 total touchdowns. He had a down combine where he ran just a 4.62 40-yard dash, but his tape and overall performance is a better indicator of his abilities, which we will review below.

In between the tackles

McIntosh is a great option to have as a team’s third back, which is what he will be for Seattle. The former Bulldog has deceptive strength as a runner in between the tackles and can take multiple defenders to bring him down. He has good shiftiness, acceleration and vision as a runner which allows him to be used both inside and outside of the tackles in a zone blocking scheme. McIntosh will be a solid change of pace back for the Seahawks when Walker lll or Charbonnet need a break or are hurt, but that’s about all he will be as a pure runner.

Passing game

This is where the majority of McIntosh’s impact is felt as a player. He is a more than solid as a route runner (especially for a running back) and is able to create some natural separation. As a route runner he is able to beat defenders to the spot, which is especially prevalent on flats and seam routes. He isn’t a true mismatch against linebackers like some of the more advanced backs are in the league, but he is more than able to hold his own against more athletic backers.

Getting him the ball in space as shown in the first video is the key, though. McIntosh is a true threat on any type of correctly schemed screen. With how far the defense is playing off on this play it allows McIntosh to catch the ball and get a full head of steam before being threatened by a defender. As we know, the Seahawks screen game has been bad for years. McIntosh is finally the key to getting that right.

If needed to as well, McIntosh can be used from the slot in an empty set to help further stretch out a defense.

Pass pro

McIntosh is a solid pass blocker who should take Kenneth Walker lll out of those situations as well as potentially limiting Zach Charbonnet’s usage in pass pro as well. He is more than willing to stand in there and take a linebacker head on, as well as having an understanding of blocking assignments and how to approach a block. McIntosh gives the Seahawks another option in that area and honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if he becomes the Seahawks full time 3rd down running back because of his abilities as a blocker.

Additional thoughts - There is no such thing as a bad seventh-round pick, but McIntosh is a really good one. He is going to make an impact for this Seahawks offense this year which is more than most rookie seventh-rounders can say they will be able to do. Is he going to be a starter or anything like that for this team? No, most certainly not, but that is not what the Seahawks need him to be. If he can be similar to a DeeJay Dallas type (or better) for this team this year, which is more than conceivable, the Seahawks and their fans will be thrilled with this selection.