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Jamal Adams shares a recovery update, with a message to those who have doubted him

A recovery update from Adams, along with a message that those who have slept on him have messed up.

Seattle Seahawks v Washington Football Team Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

As the offseason continues its slow crawl forward, one of the hot topics for discussion among fans of the Seattle Seahawks has been the salary cap issues the team faces, along with the ways available to the team to create space. In particular, when it comes to this topic, the debate regarding the future of All Pro safety Jamal Adams, and the potential cap space which could be created through his release.

Adams, of course, suffered a torn quadriceps tendon in the season-opening victory over the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football. A torn quadriceps tendon is a devastating injury for any player, much less a defensive back whose duties require speed and acceleration on each and every play. Thus, his recovery and ability to return as a playmaking force to the Seahawks defense will be a much monitored topic as training camp and the regular season approach.

On that topic, Adams posted a pair of rehab videos to his Twitter account Monday.

So, Adams is back to running, though with an obvious hitch in his gait. That is completely reasonable at just under eight months since surgery, and with ten more weeks until the start of training camp and just under four months until the start of the regular season, there’s certainly more improvement to come.

However, in addition to the pair of rehab videos Adams shared on Twitter, he also posted a friendly message to those who have counted him out. It appears he has heard the calls for his release or trade for cap reasons, and it would seem there is now an even bigger chip on his shoulder.

Thus, while fans may certainly want the Seahawks to move on in order to save cap space, it seems that the franchise that paid Luke Joeckel $7.6875M to see if he could return from a complete knee reconstruction and which paid Ziggy Ansah $8.531M to see if he could return from shoulder surgery is willing to pay Adams $8.44M in 2023 to see if he can return from a torn quadriceps tendon. And Adams appears driven to demonstrate that he can indeed make that return.