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Seahawks among lowest guarantees to one of the largest UDFA classes

Oklahoma v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

When the dust settled on the 2023 NFL Draft and the Seattle Seahawks got to work recruiting the 2023 undrafted free agent class, they had plenty of room on the roster to recruit the players they wanted to add. Yet, even with teams allowed to spend $172,337 on signing bonuses for 2023 undrafted free agents, and the Hawks having more than two dozen open roster spots, Seattle still managed to finish near the bottom of the league in terms of guarantees given to the UDFAs signed.

Just how little of the allowed $172,337 did the Seahawks spend?

Those numbers are, of course, all guarantees handed out by teams rather than signing bonus money alone, but it shows that Seattle finished near the very bottom of the league in terms of giving out guarantees. As for which Seahawks signees received what, the breakdown of the $62.5k of guarantees given out is as follows:

  • M.J. Anderson: $15k signing bonus
  • John Hall: $10k signing bonus
  • Cam Bright: $10k signing bonus
  • Noah Gindorff: $10k signing bonus
  • Chris Smith: $6.5k signing bonus
  • Jacob Sykes: $5k signing bonus (waived Monday)
  • Ifeanyi Maijeh: $2k signing bonus and $2k 2023 base salary guarantee
  • James Campbell: $1k signing bonus
  • Robert Cooper: $1k signing bonus

Interestingly, three of the teams in the bottom quarter of the league for UDFA signing bonuses were from the NFC West. Specifically, the division rival Los Angeles Rams ($116.5k) and San Francisco 49ers ($130k), also came in well under the allowed amount. This in spite of the fact that the Rams were the only team with a larger UDFA class than the Seahawks, signing 26 undrafted free agents compared to 25 for Seattle.

And now it’s on to the offseason program.