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Seahawks have one week left in free agency, historically speaking

They seem to have a pattern.

Carolina Panthers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

It’s mid-May, and rookie minicamp has come and gone. Many of the draft picks have signed, undrafted guys are getting their calls to return for training camp - some of them. We’re also in the late wave of free agency, and quite a number of well-known players are still on the market.

The Seattle Seahawks, however, are typically in pursuit of perhaps one final addition at this point in the game.

With the signings of Forrest Merrill and Mario Edwards, they might be done altogether.

Historically, the Seahawks wrap things up around this time each year. Occasionally, there’s one final signing in the third week of May.

Last season, that was an incredibly fortuitous third receiver in Marquise Goodwin. He signed on May 23rd.

In 2021, there was nothing of note but in 2020 the team grabbed Carlos Hyde on May 22nd.

In 2018, fans might remember Brandon Marshall, who signed on May 29th, and was occasionally on the field sometimes, and then off the roster by midseason.

With names like Frank Clark, Leonard Floyd, and even our old friend Shelby Harris still available, it’s intriguing to think about, but Seattle’s just historically been more or less done at this point. And with no need for a 30-year-old offensive skill player this year, it seems unlikely.