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Casual Friday: Winter, spring, summer, or fall?

All you got to do is call...

NEWS: MAY 09 Coronavirus in Washington Photo by Jeff Halstead/Icon Sportswire

Welcome to Casual Friday, the open thread where we ignore Seattle Seahawks talk for a bit to talk about other stuff.

This week we’re talking about our favorite seasons, which may or not have football as a main factor in your answer.

Obviously the responses will be entirely dependent on where you live because not all climates are the same.

We’re in the middle of a pretty warm if not outright hot spell of spring weather throughout the Pacific Northwest. I live in the Portland area in Oregon and we hit 90 degrees a couple of times for record highs at this time of year. Just four weeks ago I was wearing my Seahawks hoodie because it was in the 50s and raining. Recent summers have been brutal for prolonged heatwaves and the accompanying wildfires.

The upside of spring and summer are obviously the longer daylight hours and ability to do more popular outdoor activities. Who the hell likes 4:30 PM sunsets, anyway?

On the other hand, NFL season is my most anticipated time of the year and that runs from the autumn through winter. I don’t mind cold weather whatsoever—if I’m cold indoors I have more options to keep myself warm than if I’m hot indoors and don’t have any air conditioning. Having experienced several New York winters, I’m crossing winter off my list of favorite seasons. The same applies to Las Vegas summers, which were miserable to deal with as a child.

That leaves me with spring and fall, and while spring beats out fall for longer daylight hours and the ideal temperatures (well, not this year), the latter has NFL football and the leaves on the trees turn into gorgeous colors.

I hereby name fall as my favorite season!

What about yours? Join the discussion below in the comments!