5 Facts*- Jaxon Smith-Njigba

* I suppose these could(?) be facts

Last year, I had fun providing some facts* on our new EDGE Boye Mafe. Time to intro some of the fine gentlemen in this years' crop.

Jaxon Smith-Njigba was our day 1, 20th-overall pick. Time to get to know your new (presumptive) slot WR.

1. Smith-Njigba is a Scientologist. Raised by family in the faith, when an interviewer commented to Smith-Njigba after the draft that going as the top WR must be like a dream, Smith-Njigba responded. "Yeah, of course it's like a dream. So much of our lives are clouded from reality due to experience, none of us is EVER truly awake to the way things are."

Since the draft, Smith-Njigba has dined with the likes of Elisabeth Moss and Michael Pena. Jaxon is expected to arrive in Seattle on a plane piloted by John Travolta.

2. In 2021, Smith-Njigba was goofing around the Ohio State locker room, kicking a hackey-sack with some of the guys. An errant bag had Jaxon diving feet-first to save the rally, and he found himself with his right foot through a wall dividing the locker area from the Head Coach's office. Upon retrieving his appendage, Jaxon was shocked when he peeped through the hole to see coach Day painting his toenails. The two made eye contact. Smith-Njigba recommended a pearlescent topcoat, they nodded at each other, and neither spoke of the incident again.

3. Jaxon plays Mmmm-bop by Hanson prior to every game, on repeat.

4. Raised in Rockwall, TX, Jaxon was once stung on the foot by a scorpion. Upon healing, he felt like his feet were lighter and he had better step in cuts. Since then, he's tried scorpion as a menu delicacy multiple times in an effort to gain further edge.

5. There is currently a hit out on the girl who announced Jaxon "Njigba" at the Draft. I'm not saying JSN has anything to do with it, but she did mess up his name.

Hope you enjoyed these important facts* about our 2nd overall pick from the 2023 NFL Draft. Go Seahawks!

*these aren't facts. not even close.