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Official Cigar Release!

The exclusive Cigar Thoughts cigars are here!

Hey guys, wanted to let y’all know about something I’m extremely excited to be a part of. For the last year I’ve been working with one of the premier cigar manufacturers in the world to release our own special Cigar Thoughts edition of stogies.


These are made from a 13-year-aged blend of luxury Dominican tobacco, which creates an incredibly easy smoke with tons of flavor. We’ve also worked out pricing that lets us offer it for less than half of MSRP.

Bundles of 10 cigars are now available at the link in this post for just $169. This same blend— banded, branded, and released to the market— retail for anywhere from $35 to $40 per stick, making a bundle of ten $350-$400.

Again, just $169 here and they’ll be delivered straight to your door with a Mylar bag and a Boveda humidification pack so they’ll stay fresh whether you have a humidor or not.

Get some for yourself, or as an awesome gift for parents, partners, friends, or clients you want to impress.

Appreciate y’all so much and am thankful to have people who support me so strongly. Let’s light ‘em up!




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