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Test your Seahawks knowledge!

95 players have scored a touchdown in the Pete Carroll era. How many can you name?

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks have had Pete Carroll as head coach going on 14 seasons, and we’ve seen 95 players score at least one touchdown during that span. This includes certain players who have only found the end zone in the postseason and never the regular season, and vice versa.

This Sporcle quiz by Timmy Crandall has been around for a bit, but it gets updated every year so that it’s essentially fresh content. When I first shared this quiz with Field Gulls readers in 2021, I got 79 of 84 correct. This year I came close to perfection but missed two offensive players who caught two touchdowns apiece.

Fittingly you have exactly 12 minutes to name every player but you do get a bit of a break. Several Seahawks players have shared last names, and only the last name is required for an entry to be filled. You’re wasting your time if you dare type in any player on a first-name basis.

We’re on an honor system basis here (as if I have any other choice) so when you’re done, report back with your score! I sincerely doubt anyone will be able to get 100 percent when you think of the obscure names and one-season players on this list.