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KJ Wright lists his 5 favorite Legion of Boom teammates

The former Seahawks linebacker’s own top 5 from the glory days.

Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

Former Seattle Seahawks linebacker KJ Wright continues what appears to be the start of a prolific media career. Wright spent the last season as a feature guest/co-host on Seattle Sports Radio’s Brock & Salk. He’s proven to be a talented media personality, and his since appeared on quite a few national shows, including TV.

This time he joined Good Morning Football to rank his favorite members of the Legion of Boom - besides himself.

Coming in at five, Brandon Mebane might be the surprise to many on the list, but perhaps not so much if you are familiar with Wright. There are two reasons Mebane cracked the list over Cliff Avril or Michael Bennett, for instance. One is Wright and Mebane are even closer friends than some of the others on the roster, as tight as most of them are. I believe Mebane was the first guest to join KJ on the radio last season. The other, Wright has frequently discussed - as a linebacker - the importance of the “big butts” doing their job in taking on blocks so the linebackers can make their plays. He’s displayed frustration with Sheldon Richardson and others over the years who didn’t seem as interested in being a wall as Mebane.

At the top stands Kam Chancellor, another great friend, and probably the most positionally unique player of the entire Legion. KJ spoke to the big hits and “knocking dudes out left and right,” but The Enforcer made the number one spot primarily because of his leadership. Wright called him the glue, and loved how he gave all the pregame speeches and held the defense together.