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Jahcour Pearson, XFL’s leading receiver, gets invited by Seahawks for tryout

Pearson led the XFL in receptions and yards.

Vegas Vipers v Seattle Sea Dragons Photo by Ali Gradischer/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks are bringing in a star wide receiver from the XFL’s Seattle Sea Dragons for a tryout.

But it’s not Josh Gordon.

Jahcour Pearson, who already began rookie minicamp with the San Francisco 49ers earlier this month, has been invited for a tryout by the Seahawks.

Pearson led all XFL receivers in receptions (60) and yards (670) in 10 regular season games played. Yeah there might have been a little inflation given the Sea Dragons couldn’t and eventually flatly refused to run the ball, but Pearson was genuinely the best option for the Sea Dragons. Gordon had 38 catches for 540 yards but he had 20 fewer targets than Pearson, so it’s clear who Ben DiNucci’s top receiver was.

At just 5’7 and a shade under 180 pounds, Pearson is obviously meant to be a slot option. His ability to generate yards after catch and get open at all levels of the field made him someone I was personally intrigued by, and even if the Seahawks pass on Pearson post-tryout I believe Jahcour will wind up on an NFL roster entering the preseason.

If you’ve not kept up with the XFL, here are some of his highlights.