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What Jimmy Garoppolo’s failed physical means

The former rival looks like he may never face our former quarterback.

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49er’s QB room continues to be a mess, even from long distance.

Reports early on Sunday claim that Jimmy Garoppolo failed his physical with the Las Vegas Raiders - way back in March.

The multiple contract addendums indicated above are quite the read, including this doozy:

“Player also understands that such condition has decreased his ability to play professional football,” the waiver states, “and that continuing to play professional football may result in deterioration, aggravation, or re-injury of the existing conditions rendering Player physically unable to perform the services that would be required of Player by an NFL Player Contract.”

At the end of the day, they took all guaranteed money away and put it all in the 2023 base salary, which Garoppolo won’t see until he passes a physical. He agreed to all terms handing the Raiders power to cut him for $0 if he cannot. In fact, the Raiders don’t even have to wait for him to fail any additional physicals; they could simply cut him whenever they like.

It’s quite a turn for the former NFC West rival who has never been able to stay healthy, as well as Las Vegas who is so far behind the AFC West quarterback competition it’s not even entertaining at this point.

I have no idea whatsoever if Kyle Shanahan would ever want - or even be able to - bring Jimmy G back to San Francisco to buy time for Brock Purdy or to simply be around on a minimum when the inevitable 4th quarterback goes down.

It all puts a great deal of perspective on how the Seattle Seahawks went from a 99% unbreakable Russell Wilson to what seems like a healthy, robust Geno Smith.

Quarterbacks, man.