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2023 Seahawks Free Agency: Details on Poona Ford’s contract with the Buffalo Bills

Once again, not a lot of money for a Seahawks free agent.

Las Vegas Raiders v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Earlier this week it was confirmed that former Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle Poona Ford had signed with the Buffalo Bills, ending his tenure in Seattle after five seasons. Ford reportedly turned down more money from other teams to play for the reigning AFC East champions, who will once again be slotted as a contender to at least reach the Super Bowl this season.

Details of Ford’s one-year contract have been revealed, and if you’re one of those who wanted Ford to stay in town, prepare to be disappointed at how inexpensive his deal is.

From the The Buffalo News:

Guaranteed money: $1.5 million

Salary cap hit: $2.25 million

Playing Time incentives: $100,000 for 56% of defensive snaps, $200,000 for 60% and $400,000 for 65%.

Sack incentives: $100,000 for four sacks, $250,000 for five sacks and $600,000 for six sacks.

Total contract: 1-year for up to $3.25 million

Poona went from having the highest cap hit on the 2022 Seahawks roster to uh... a lot less than $10.75 million in Buffalo.

Seattle’s cap situation is not great but unless Shelby Harris comes back, it appears as if the Seahawks really did believe that part of retooling the defense was wholesale changes along the defensive line. Harris remains a free agent, Quinton Jefferson and Al Woods are on the Jets, and Poona is with the Bills.