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What are your favorite Seahawks regular season wins of all-time?

Let’s reminisce about great Seahawks wins from any era!

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks have 383 regular season wins to their name, and for this Sunday discussion we’re going to remember some of our favorite ones of all-time.

I specified regular season only because, well, the postseason has three NFC Championship wins, the Super Bowl win, the upset over Dan Marino’s Miami Dolphins, Beastquake, and the nuttiness that was Tony Romo fumbling at the 1-yard line in the Dallas Cowboys game. Therefore, all of them are exempt from this conversation because it’s too easy to pick from those games.

Unlike previous discussions you can choose multiple games, and as always your reasoning is entirely up to you. You can pick from any era, any head coach, home or away, AFC West days or NFC West days, you’ve got the idea.

The photo choice for this article is from the Seahawks’ 42-13 demolition of the San Francisco 49ers on December 23, 2012. Seattle ruined Jim Harbaugh’s birthday, clinched a playoff spot, and briefly kept their NFC West title hopes alive. Above all else, it was a thoroughly dominant performance that made it abundantly clear that the Seahawks had arrived as an elite team.

The improbable comeback against the Dallas Cowboys in 2005 gets an honorable mention because this game wasn’t all that entertaining, then the Seahawks turned a 10-3 deficit into a 13-10 win thanks to a Ryan Hannam game-tying touchdown, followed by Big Play Babs’ interception of Drew Bledsoe, and Josh Brown’s buzzer-beating field goal.

Later that year was the 24-21 overtime classic with the New York Giants, who are still false starting to this day. Jay Feely missed three game-winning field goals, and if only Twitter was around at the time to make this a meme...

One of the most Pete Carroll-esque wins of the Mike Holmgren era was scraping a 28-24 win over the Philadelphia Eagles on the road even though the Eagles didn’t have Donovan McNabb. Lofa Tatupu shut the door on a comeback thanks to AJ Feeley’s refusal to acknowledge his existence.

Getting back to the Carroll days, the 2015 shootout over the Pittsburgh Steelers felt like Russell Wilson’s arrival as an upper-tier passer, not to mention it was the Seahawks’ first win over Pittsburgh since 2003. Ending the 49ers’ undefeated run in that wild 2019 overtime classic is also high up there, as is the win over the Rams earlier that season. For sheer entertainment purposes, Geno Smith’s masterclass against the Detroit Lions in the 48-45 thriller was infuriating for defensive reasons but so enjoyable on offense.

Alright, now it’s your turn! Join the discussion by scrolling to the comments below!