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What’s the most you’ve ever been wrong about a Seahawks player?

You can go either direction on this one.

Seattle Seahawks v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

It’s time for another Sunday discussion about the Seattle Seahawks, and we’re sort of doing a Freezing Cold Take reveal of ourselves.

We all have had strong opinions about Seahawks players and coaches before they’ve even made their debuts. Sometimes we’re proven correct, and other times we’re way off. Within those incorrect predictions, there are the subcategories of “I hope I’m wrong” and “I thought this would work out but it didn’t.”

For example, whatever you think of Geno Smith’s long-term prospects, obviously a hell of a lot of fans had to eat some crow at least for 2022 based off of his performance. Even though Smith’s stats tailed off a bit at the end of the season, the biggest Smith doubters didn’t envision anywhere near the productivity he managed. But chances are you also hoped you were wrong and that Smith would exceed very low expectations!

Or alternatively you thought Russell Wilson wouldn’t pan out in the NFL because he was too small! Those first few weeks of his rookie season were a bit painful to watch! Then by the end of the year that was quickly squashed as a thought.

Then you have an idiot like me who hyped up the Eddie Lacy signing back in 2017.

I really like this move. When he’s at his best, Lacy is a very good player who has the type of physical running style that Seahawks fans have known to appreciate through the one and only Marshawn Lynch. If he stays healthy and in shape, I have a feeling this signing will pan out in a major way. C.J. Prosise as a multi-purpose receiving back with a 1-2 punch of Lacy and Rawls? I’m all for it.

Yeah I can’t even defend any of that. Lacy was a microcosm of the worst stretch of front office work by John Schneider and Pete Carroll.

So what have you got? Any draft picks you had high hopes for who busted spectacularly? Or a draft success whom you thought was a nailed-on bust? Or a free agent/trade acquisition whom you thought would be a positive contributor for the Seahawks and ended up being anything but? (I know I’m baiting some of you with that one)

There are many avenues to choose but they all must lead to the same theme of “I was dead wrong about this Seahawks player.”

What are your worst Seahawks takes? Let us know by scrolling below to the comments section!