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Seahawks Superlatives: Most Improved, Charles Cross

Let’s see how good the offensive line can be next year.

Seattle Seahawks v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Seattle Seahawks head into the final week of OTAs before next month’s training camp, and this article will be about one of those players you probably won’t hear a thing about unless you’re really looking.

Introducing 2023’s Most Improved player, Charles Cross.

Cross is an easy pick here for me because he played well but has far more potential left to reach. No need to overthink this.

As the No. 9 pick, Cross came with a ton of hype, and to a good deal of it he lived up.

Throughout the season, however, he didn’t noticeably separate himself from fellow rookie standout Abraham Lucas on the other side. Cross struggled occasionally with penalties, and the NFC / AFC West schedule was relentless with elite pass rushers.

So Cross was good, but not altogether great yet.

Which is okay! And largely to be expected.

Cross was hardly ever overmatched, and rarely bad. His games were typified by good play and a small handful of mistakes. Eliminating “rookie mistakes” is one of the biggest factors in players who do end up making a progression similar to what Timo Riske depicts above.

I believe Cross showed every indication that he’s as good as advertised and is poised for a Most Improved season simply by being consistent through a full year of training and scheme familiarity.