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Seahawks Superlatives: Dre’Mont Jones is Best Acquisition

The Seahawks splashed the cash for the former Broncos standout.

Denver Broncos v Carolina Panthers Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

We’re launching a new mini-series on here called Seahawks Superlatives! Fair warning, this will be nothing like the Jimmy Fallon version where they basically just compare people to camp counselors at this point, sorry. Or rejoice, depending on your view of such material.

Anyway, we’ve got fun topics to cover while we wait for the NFL to pick up steam again: like most likely candidates for comeback player of the year, most regrettable departure, and more.

Let’s start on a positive note.

Best Acquisition - Dre’Mont Jones

Jones was a pretty big deal around here for about a week, and then has been an unusually quiet story since then.

He’s not Aaron Donald, not Javon Kinlaw, but he is the biggest defensive addition since Jamal Adams and they didn’t even have to trade away essential value during the height of Russell Wilson’s peak anything.

This choice is fairly obvious, though. It’s hard to argue for a rookie at No. 5 or 20, and Bobby Wagner is the only other serious candidate. It may end up that Wagner is able to do something he’s not supposed to do yet again in his final(?) season with the Seahawks, but the reality is Jones’ presence in his prime should outweigh Wagner’s leadership and run-game contributions on the grand scale. I won’t totally fault anyone that disagrees.

Jones is only 26 years old. This is huge for Seattle to get a highly active and productive player right in his prime on the d-line. He had a top-10 pass rush win rate, something that only Uchenna Nwosu has been interested in among Seattle linemen lately. The combination should finally force teams to focus their attention in a couple of areas - remember when Carlos Dunlap first arrived and suddenly other guys could get sacks?!

I think the upgrades both of pressure along the line and Tariq Woolen in the secondary is going to do some intriguing things for the Hawks defense. It’s hard to exclusively run against a team that’s putting up points - and Seattle will put up points - which will make this offseason prove itself. They didn’t sell out to stop the run, but it might all work together in the end.