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Injury updates on Tariq Woolen, Jamal Adams, and more from Pete Carroll following OTAs

Sounds like good news for Tariq Woolen, as well as some optimism around Jamal Adams and Jordyn Brooks, among others

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Christopher Mast/Getty Images

Following Thursday’s Organized Team Activities, Pete Carroll addressed the media and provided injury updates and recovery timetables for some of the players who are currently sidelined. This includes Tariq Woolen, who underwent arthroscopic knee surgery last week. Carroll also provided updates on veterans Jamal Adams, Jordyn Brooks, and Bryan Mone, who are each recovering from their respective surgeries. He also spoke to the expected return of first round picks Jaxon Smith-Njigba and Devon Witherspoon, as well as second year tackle Abe Lucas and veteran tight end Will Dissly.

The Seattle Seahawks official team website quoted Carroll as saying the following regarding Tariq Woolen:

“It was really an unusual occurrence,” Carroll said. “He didn’t have a play where he got hurt, he was in between plays, getting ready to go get lined up, and he felt something. It wasn’t bad, then before the play started, he sat down; he felt something was wrong. Fortunately, everything went great, he’s getting around terrific already. It’s hopefully a four-to-six-week type of a deal. His attitude has been great. He never really accepted it when it happened, and it was such a weird occurrence. He just took it in stride and has been really positive about it. We should be able to get him back soon.”

He also spoke to the return timetables for Jordyn Brooks and Jamal Adams, providing some tentatively optimistic outlooks (surprise, surprise...).

“He sounds good,” Carroll said when asked about Adams. “I talked to him just a couple of days ago. (VP of player affairs) Mo Kelly went down and saw those guys yesterday, visited with he and Jordyn. Everything is moving along. We don’t have timeframes—we won’t really know for another good six weeks, eight weeks or something like that to see how far they’ve come. They both have their eyes set on getting back and getting ready to go for the season. Whether they can make it, we’ll find out.”

Jaxon Smith-Njigba and Devon Witherspoon have both been mostly sidelined, but should return in time for training camp, which is obviously great news given that both are expected to compete for playing time immediately.

“Jaxon, he’s a little bit ahead of Spoon in that he’s doing a little bit more now,” Carroll said. “You saw Jaxon had full-speed reps today. These guys have been getting all of the walkthrough periods, they’re accumulating tons of plays, it’s a big part of this format for us. So those guys are really getting the learning done, I’m not worried about that at all. Spoon is not quite ready to really push it. He’s had a ton of work though, and both of these guys have looked great. They both have shown their awareness, their comfort with the game and understanding—they make it look right. It’s been really easy to tell that from what we’ve gotten done. But I think next week, and even tomorrow, we’ll see more out of Spoon, and then we’ll just keep going—if it all worked out OK today with Jaxon, we’re in good shape to keep adding on.”

Carroll also provided some good news around Abe Lucas and Will Dissly, saying that both should be ready by camp. It sounds like Bryan Mone’s recovery period is taking a bit longer than expected, which is alarming given the team’s needs at nose tackle. We all know that Pete Carroll has a track record of being overly optimistic on recovery timetables, but I would certainly read most of the above as being good news (save for the update on Mone). Hopefully none of these guys will suffer any setbacks as the summer progresses, so stay tuned for further updates in the coming weeks.